Travelers En Route! Where to Go in Antalya Turkey
  • 24.03.2021
  • Akka
There are wonderful beauties in our lively World. But here in Antalya Turkey, is where the true beauties lie down. If you are spending your holiday in all-inclusive hotels in Turkey, you should keep our list of places to visit in Antalya in your mind.

Different Perspective for Antalya Holidays

Antalya Turkey is mostly known for its beautiful beaches and weather, but there is more of it. While you are spending your holiday in 5-star hotels in Turkey, we can guarantee you that there are a lot of things to do in Antalya Turkey. Antalya Turkey, which has a lot of various natural beauties, also shines up with historical buildings and world history museums.

Starting with Antalya Nightlife!

Antalya Turkey, which is a tourism city, is very lively and colourful during the night as in the morning. If you are looking for places to visit in the night after relaxing in the beautiful Antalya, it is a place that will not let you down. For the nightlife in Antalya Turkey, Kaleiçi probably one of the best places to visit in Antalya. You can both enjoy the historical beauty of the old town and visit the pubs and bars to have a cold drink.

Summer Vacation Activities

After you’ve decided your 5-star hotels in Turkey to stay, you should also consider planning a travel route depending where your hotel is. There are so many places to see and have a visit in Antalya Turkey so that you can learn about different cultures and broaden your horizons. After visiting these beautiful places, you can go back to your beautiful hotel and relieve your tiredness.

Gate of The Emperor in Antalya Turkey

Throughout history, many empires existed and ruled the area in Antalya Turkey such as Ottoman Empire or Roman Empire. They left us many historical artifacts to be visited when we leave Antalya resorts that we are staying in, during their rule and Hadrian’s Gate is surely one of them.

This gate was built to pay respect to the Hadrian, who is an emperor, because of his arrival to this specific area. It is designed as a three-arched marble gateway, flanked by imposing towers, is decorated with rich sculptural decorations. It is quite the place that you should add to your list of what to do in Antalya Turkey if you are looking for Antalya holidays all-inclusive.

Why Antalya Holidays Are the Best

Unlike many holiday cities, there are countless things to do and countless places to visit in Antalya Turkey. First, you choose your all-inclusive hotels in Turkey and for the rest of the holiday, you will have peace of mind knowing there are plenty of places to visit. Because the next place you are going to visit is breath-taking!

The Reason Why People Prefer Antalya Holidays

Antalya Turkey has many beauties and its most striking beauty is its beaches for sure. Since the beach and the sea are one of the main reasons for our holiday, it is in the mind of many people when planning a holiday in Antalya Turkey. In this context, there is only one place that cannot be missed, and it is Konyaaltı Beach.

Konyaaltı Beach, together with Lara Beach, is one of the two most important beaches of Antalya Turkey. It is on the Mediterranean coast of the Konyaaltı district, west of the city centre. The 7 km long coastline extending from the cliffs of the cliffs to the Antalya harbour is Konyaaltı beach.

Living the History in Antalya Turkey

As we mentioned above there are a lot of artifacts and old buildings in Antalya Turkey. Those buildings range from old mosques to amphitheatres which attract a lot of tourists. For instance, Aspendos archaeological site is home to an amphitheatre and it is commonly thought to be the best preserved in the world and one of the top tourist attractions in Turkey.

Apart from the theatre, which has been fully restored and can seat 15,000 people, much of the rest of the site still lies in ruins and is probably only interesting to the most enthusiastic sightseer. It is kind of a place that whoever comes to Antalya Turkey should visit Aspendos archaeological site and enlarge their understanding of Roman culture.