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No one dislikes summer vacations, that we all know, but haveyou ever wondered why children always like it more? Well it’s because they areyoung, full of energy and joy, able to enjoy life a lot more; and what is moreenjoyable than a holiday near sea filled with all kinds of entertainment, justafter the winter is over and school is out? So yes, children love a good summervacation no matter what, but still, when you’re on holiday, you can almostalways spot more than a few bored children near their parents; maybe at thebeach, or at a restaurant, or near the pool… And why is that? Actually, theanswer is quite simple. Parents need their children by their side most of thetime during holidays, for safety reasons, and if you are a small child, nomatter the place, if you have to be with your parents all the time, things arecertainly going to get a bit boring after a while.So, how do you make a summer vacation more enjoyable both forchildren and their parents? Here’s how- you create a unique world exclusive to children;where they can socialize with their peers, learn new things, have exciting experiencesin a safe and fun environment; while their parents are having their ownvacation knowing that their children are safe and well taken care of. Andthat’s exactly what we did in our Mini Club….Continue reading, to learn more about our Mini Club, a worldfull of excitement and fun, just for children!

What is Mini Club?What is Mini Club?What is Mini Club? 

What is Mini Club?

A part of Akka Antedon Hotel, Mini Club is a specialactivity & living area, designed exclusively for children of different agegroups; starting from 0 – 3 and going all the way up to 12 – 16. It is peopledwith children from around the world, managed by professionals, supervisedaround the clock and has a very active schedule of creative and fun activities.In other words, it is not just a place where parent leavetheir children so they can enjoy some privacy while the little ones are withtheir babysitters; but a place where children leave their parents to makefriends from different cultures, engage in entertaining activities, whilelearning new things and exploring their own creativity and imagination.

Safety is Always First!

Safety should always be first, especially when we aretalking about little children. We are aware of this at all times, and necessarymeasures are taken to ensure your children’s safety while they are staying atour hotel, and spending time in our Mini Club.Here, our little guests participate in activities under thesupervision of trained staff. There are cameras working 24/7, and parents canwatch their children live from their rooms anytime they wish.Want more details? To learn more about Mini Club and itsprivileges, just visit the related page here!

What’s In Mini Club?

A colorful environment, beautiful friendships, newexperiences, lots and lots of fun, and more! Well, to be more specific, MiniClub mainly consists of the following areas:- Reception- Playbarn- Kino Room- Sand Playground- Movie Room- Activity Room- Computer Room- Outdoor playground- Some of the activities managed by experts are:- Indian Day- Peter Pan & Tinker Bell Day- Pirates Day- Alaaddin & Jasmine Day- Hand crafting & sportive activities- PJ Party- Water and Land Olympics- Birthday parties- Sand painting- A variety of contests- Kids’ Disco In addition to all these, there will be organizations withspecial themes; such as costume shows, in which our little guests will performon stage together!