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Entertainment and Sports

Enjoy entertainment and sports at AKKA Hotels.

As AKKA Hotels, we do not limit our guests' holiday experiences to just spending time on a sun lounger. We offer various sports activities for our guests who want an active holiday. Among these activities, there are options such as beach volleyball, water sports, tennis, basketball and football. The activities carried out in the company of expert trainers allow you to have a pleasant time and help you maintain your form.

We also offer Pro-Fit Club activities for our guests who do not compromise on the fit philosophy of life. In these activities, you can do activities such as fitness, yoga, pilates accompanied by expert trainers. You can feel healthier and more energetic while both moving your body and resting your mind.

We offer Mini Club programs for families, especially for our guests with children. These programs include activities that appeal to all age groups. While you spend a pleasant time with your children, you can have a holiday experience full of activities that will enable them to have fun and learn. In addition, Akka Hotels Family Festival, which is held in the summer season, is a creative and entertaining event that you can attend as a family.

Winter holidays are not forgotten in AKKA hotels. In the winter season, various activities are organized to offer our guests a pleasant holiday experience. These activities include winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and sledding. You can have fun while enjoying the snow at the same time.

As AKKA Hotels, we organize various activities and events to offer our guests an unforgettable holiday experience in every season. We invite you to live a dynamic, fun and active holiday.