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Special for Families

Enjoy your family vacation at AKKA Hotels.

A holiday is first and foremost an opportunity to spend time together. Families do not always have the opportunity to be together and have fun, both because parents work and because of school.
A holiday together strengthens communication within the family. Experiencing happy, pleasant and peaceful times together as a family colours your life.
The most important thing to make your holiday more enjoyable is to choose the right family hotel.
Although holidays are a pleasant experience for people of all ages, as we all know, they have a special meaning for children. In other words, the ideal holiday for us adults may not be compatible with that of children, who often have different tastes, a constant desire to explore and boundless energy. Above all, unfortunately, not every holiday destination is suitable for children in every respect - safety, variety of activities, etc. In this case, both the little ones get bored and the adults cannot enjoy their holiday as much as they would like, because they have to devote their time and energy to them... This situation requires the existence of an environment exclusively for children in an ideal holiday destination for families.
AKKA Hotels does its best to ensure that you have the holiday of your dreams and feel at home. It offers perfect and complete accommodation services so that you do not get tired during your stay and enjoy your time to the full.
The Children's Concept, specially designed for our youngest guests at AKKA Hotels; every detail has been considered so that your children can have a fun, educational, safe, healthy and full holiday experience, while you enjoy a peaceful and pleasant time...

* Mini Club; a special living and activity area for the young guests of our hotel.
*Children's food concept; children's buffets, free menu options in special cases, baby concept.
*Baby equipment; pram, cot, potty, booster seat and similar materials during the holiday.
*Child-friendly areas; sandpit, water playground, heated pools and slides.