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Experience of Refreshment

Enjoy the refreshing experience at AKKA Hotels.

In the modern world, which we could call the age of fast consumption, we often live in a hurry, with the fear of catching up somewhere. From time to time we want to take a breather from our daily routine and the stress of the work that needs to be done. We want to leave all the stress behind and just refresh our minds and bodies by resting our minds and bodies...
Every one of us sometimes wants to get rid of exhausting cycles, revitalise and regain our inner peace, but it is a challenge in terms of time and resource management to do this and to focus on our peace and motivation. Therefore, we want to find our source of vitality and freshness; we want to choose the right places where we can restore our balance of power, forget stress and fatigue and renew ourselves.
At AKKA Hotels, we strive to meet all of our guests' needs for refreshment and revitalisation with the accommodation experience we have developed over many years with guest satisfaction as our priority!
We regularly listen to the holiday experiences of our guests who have stayed in our hotels and the AKKA associations that have taken place in them, and we are proud to see that for the guests we welcome every year, our hotels are the place where all these balances meet.
me centre.
"Source of strength", "hotel with a soul", "feeling at home", "staff attention everywhere" - this is one of the main motivations for returning to AKKA hotels.
Nothing is more precious than the feeling of resting your soul, being filled with life energy and regaining your strength for the days to come. It is very important to be able to stop and breathe while staying in the place where you are always expected, to renew your energy and to refresh your inner peace and motivation.
We would like to express our love and gratitude to you for entrusting us with the restoration of your precious mental health. We will continue to be the source that always fills and refreshes you with life energy.