A 5-star family hotel, Akka Antedon Hotel offers you a colorful, entertaining and relaxing atmosphere at a location where the sea and nature meet in perfect harmony. In Antedon Hotel, located on the hillside of the Beydağları, surrounded by forests, with its natural garden offering visitors a unique ambience among centuries-old trees, spacious and practical rooms, fun activities for children from different age groups, concept restaurants for every taste, and much more, there is everything you need to spend a pleasant holiday with your family... In addition to all, those who are fond of luxury can enjoy an exclusive holiday in Akka Residence, where VIP services are offered in villa concept.

Akka Antedon Hotel operates also as a congress hotel in addition to being a family hotel. The hotel has a very convenient and comfortable environment in the modern congress rooms for your various meeting organizations. The concept wedding organizations designed according to various traditions also provide a unique environment for wedding events.

If you are dreaming of a private holiday where entertainment, tranquillity, nature, comfort and luxury come together, we look forward to welcoming you at Antedon Hotel...

A Brief Antalya Guide for First Timers: Antalya Beaches

A favorite of travelers around the globe, Antalya haseverything you expect from a memorable summer vacation- a beautiful nature,lots of museums and historical places, a lively nightlife, and, of course, thesubject of our first post of the series, beautiful beaches. Here are some of the most popular beaches in Antalya, thatevery first comer should check out...

We would like to inform you about some issues that should be considered while visiting cultural sites in Antalya.

· Before visiting historical sites, we advise you to check working days and opening hours on the official websites. Some palces may be closed on certain days. We recommend you to buy tickets in advance for places where a ticket is required.
· You should have a shawl or headscarf to cover your head and you should dress appropriately while visiting a mosque in our region. Shoes are not allowed in the mosque. You can bring your own socks if you like.
· While visiting places with historical artifacts, such as museums or ancient cities, we ask you not to touch the artifacts and to follow all the rules that are requested (camera use etc.). For visiting museums and historical places you can purchase E-tickets via https://muze.gov.tr
· If you join an outdoor activity, be careful not to pollute the environment, do not light a fire and follow the established rules. Never join a nature tour alone without a guide who knows the area. Before participating in extreme activities, inform special institutions such as AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) about the details of the itinerary and activities.
· Pay attention to warning signs about the use of cameras in places you visit.
· In Turkey, alcoholic beverages can only be consumed in certain places. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places (parks, streets, gardens, etc.) or in places where alcohol is not sold.
· In Turkey alcohol and tobacco products are not sold to individuals under 18 years of age.
· Smoking is prohibited in most indoor workplaces and public places.
· Taking cultural, natural and historical artifacts out of Turkey is a crime and may result in imprisonment.

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