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Activities spanning 4 seasons, colorful shows, parties, fun-filled concerts, various sports activities for our guests who do not want to spend their holidays on sun loungers, pro-fit club activities for those who do not compromise on their fit philosophy of life, mini-campaigns special for families who want to have a holiday with their children, covering all age groups. club programs and more... There is room for everyone in the AKKA world!

Pro-Fit Club
Although it is very tempting to fall into the slackness of summer vacation, throw yourself on a sun lounger by the sea and lie still for hours, you should not break away from physical activities for a healthy life. At Antedon Pro-Fit Club; You can keep your body and mind fit, and maintain your form while having a good time, thanks to extremely fun and useful activities that you can do in the company of expert trainers!
Shows & Parties
AKKA Hotels Antedon has shows and parties for all ages and tastes for a fun-filled holiday.
If you are looking for a creative and fun activity to do with your children during your holiday, you should definitely experience the Akka Hotels Family Festival!

Held twice a season for families and children to enjoy together, the Family Festival offers activities such as face-painting, hand-painting and brush-painting, costume-cookie-making, planting, T-shirt-painting, colourful and fun mascot shows, acrobatics and balloon magic...
Winter Season Activities
Although many people rightly think of the summer season when it comes to holidays, those who know know that the pleasure of winter holidays is different and cannot be changed for anything.

Here at Antedon Hotel, we have prepared fun activities for our guests who are aware of this, to make their winter holiday experience as enjoyable as possible.

Are you ready for an unforgettable winter holiday at Antedon, where there is something for everyone?

(Each activity takes place once a week within a programme)

Daytime Summer Activities

Summer is the most fun season of the year and everyone's sense of fun is different! At Akka Antedon Hotel, we offer many fun sports activities to our guests who are not content with sunbathing by the sea but want to enjoy the summer to the fullest!