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Cultural Experience

Having a vacation in a country is actually the starting point of a cultural experience. Discovering the history of the place you are visiting, observing the changes in the present while examining the traces of the past, getting to know national customs and traditions is an invaluable experience. We all know that such experiences make us richer, our lives more colourful and our memories more precious. While AKKA Hotels offer services that meet international standards, they also offer experiences that keep the culture of Turkey alive. Getting to know the unique tastes of each region is one of the moments that make the holiday experience unforgettable. What comes to mind when you think of Turkey? Turkish coffee, kebabs, baklava, meze culture, bagels, hospitality, friendliness and helpful people. With us, you can experience your favourite tastes and the best emotions.

Turkish coffee is one of the indispensable elements in the cultural heritage of traditional Turkish cuisine. Turkish coffee is not only an indispensable hot drink for our guests, but also a symbol of communication, hospitality and sharing in Turkish culture. At AKKA Hotels Antedon you can enjoy Turkish coffee at the Lobby Bar or Cafe Turc. When ordering Turkish coffee, do not forget to specify whether you prefer it black, with medium sugar or sweetened.

*Lobby Bar Opening Hours - Summer 09.00-02.00 / Winter 09.00-01.00
*Cafe Turc Opening Hours - Summer Period 10.00-00.00
Gözleme is the most popular snack among guests. Another essential traditional taste for breakfast or lunch. Gözleme House at our beach bar offers a variety of gözleme in the summer season; cheese, potato, minced meat, kashar, mixed gözleme made with love and ice-cold buttermilk next to the ice-cold buttermilk leaves everyone admiring.
*Gözleme House (Beach Bar) Working Hours -11.00-16.00
Meze is an essential and indispensable food, served in small portions, which has a special place on our tables because of its taste and appearance. Meze has found its place as a food culture in Turkish cuisine. In Turkish cuisine, mezes show that the table is rich and offer a visually and aesthetically pleasing presentation. Mezes are not meant to fill the stomach, but to gather around the table with your loved ones and spend time with a pleasant, long conversation. Turkish mezes have a variety and richness that is perhaps unique in the world. Would you like to add this experience to your life? AKKA Hotels Antedon is ready to give you this experience in the best possible way.
First of all, be sure to visit our à la carte restaurant "Ala Mezze House", which reflects the style of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Ala Mezze House offers special flavours of Antalya such as hibesh and piyaz with tahini as well as hidden flavours known only to the locals.
Second, don't forget to check out our appetizer buffet, which is served for lunch and dinner in our main restaurant. Our meze master Bülent, who is from Antakya and has worked abroad for a long time (Saudi Arabia, Doha, Qatar...), will surprise you with flavour combinations you would not have thought of. Bülent serves traditional Turkish hot and cold mezes as well as mezes from other countries. If you are looking for an unforgettable gastronomic experience with almost 200 types of starters, AKKA Hotels Antedon is the place to be.

*A la Carte Restaurant "Ala Maze House" Opening Hours - Summer Period 19.00-22.00
*Meze Buffet - Main Restaurant - Summer Period 12.30-14.30 / Winter Period 19.00-21.00