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Senior Stay
AKKA Hotels Antedon offers all the ideal facilities for a family holiday. The best proof of this is that it welcomes guests from all generations and ensures that everyone goes home happy and refreshed.
Parents who once came with their children are now taking their grandchildren on the traditional Antedon holiday.
In general, third age tourists prefer to spend their holidays in quiet and natural areas rather than in crowded places. At AKKA Hotels, third age tourists find suitable and comfortable areas for themselves and meet our caring and friendly staff.
AKKA Hotels Antedon in Kemer, with its fresh air, sea, natural beauty, quality service and areas where they can be alone, is a very convenient location for our third age guests.
AKKA Hotels Antedon is almost in the forest. Even in the hottest period of the year, thanks to the shade of the trees, our guests can retreat to a quiet corner and enjoy their holiday without being disturbed by the sun.
We offer a comfortable environment, healthy sleeping and quality food, wooden walkways on the sea access platforms and the beach, SPA facilities for health, activities suitable for all ages that increase the pleasure of the stay, and services in a way that our guests can easily adapt and feel at home.