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If asked what is the most famous place in Istanbul, one of the first answers that comes to mind would be Beyoğlu. Therefore an influx of visitors in Beyoğlu, which hosts many places to see in Istanbul, never stops. In this article, we have listed some of the places that you should definitely see in Beyoğlu, which is one of the most popular places for both local and foreign tourists, with its historical streets, its structure integrated with culture and art, its impressive architecture and its great shopping options.

Places to Visit in Beyoğlu
Beyoğlu with its famous neighborhoods such as Taksim, Galata and Karaköy, is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul. You can see historical places such as Istiklal Street, Galata Tower and Taksim Square and many different venues for entertainment in Beyoğlu. Everyone who comes to Istanbul should see Beyoğlu, which is very easy to be reached due to its central location.

Here are the prominent places to be visited in Beyoğlu…

Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street, which is located between the Tunnel and Taksim Square, is the symbol of Beyoğlu. Entertainment and life on Istiklal Street, which is one of Turkey's most famous streets continues non-stop for 24 hours. This Street with its cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and art museums offers various options to visitors. On Istiklal Street you can also see the most important and old institutions of Turkey such as Galatasaray High School. İf you want to make sweets shopping from the best palace on the street, visit the Historic Famous Beyoğlu Chocolate Shop. The places we recommend you to see at Istiklal Street are:

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is a must-see place for anyone who is visiting Istiklal Street. At Madame Tussauds Wax Museum can see both world-famous people and the celebrities of Turkey sculptures that are very similar to the truth.

Famous Passages

One of indispensable parts of Beyoğlu is its passages. Atlas Passage, Hazzapulo Passage and Aleppo Passage are some of the passages where you can shop, eat, and visit its bookshops. Çiçek Passage is undoubtedly one of the most famous among the passages. You can take great photos in Çiçek Passage and have fun in its taverns.

Taksim Square

Taksim Square, which is waiting for you at the end of the street, is one of the most famous squares in Istanbul. Nostalgic tram line is one of the most visited places for tourists with locted around it restaurants, entertainment and artistic places. In the middle of the square you can see Taksim Republic Monument, made by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica. Apart from this monument, which has become the symbol of the square, you can also visit Aya Triada Church, which is situated in an important part of the square. After visiting the street and the square, you can rest in Gezi Park and relieve the tiredness of the trip.


Another popular district of Beyoğlu is Galata. Galata district is located between Tünel and Karaköy. Galata, one of the districts that best reflect the cultural traces of Istanbul, was an area where Genoese and Christian families lived. Nowadays, thanks to the newly opened cafes and venues, it has become a highly preferred place for people and tourists. The main places to visit in Galata are:

Galata Tower

Galata Tower is one of the most important symbols of not only Beyoğlu but also Istanbul. The history of this tower, seen from all over the Bosphorus, dates back to the 6th century. Built in 507 as a lighthouse by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius, it has been used for different purposes throughout the history. During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, it was used as a prison until the 16th century and after as an observatory until the 19th century. Today, this tower is used to offer a panoramic view of Istanbul to visitors. You can see many views from the tower, including Golden Horn, Historic Peninsula and Islands. There is also a restaurant called Galata Tower Restaurant in Galata Tower.


Galata Tower place and its surrounding is referred to Kuledibi. There are many cafes and restaurants in Kuledibi where you can drink coffee, watch Galata Tower, take lots of photos and spend a great time. You can immortalize your Beyoğlu memories by visiting the souvenir shops in the area.

Galip Dede Street

If you want to go to Istiklal Street around Galata Tower, you have to go through the most active street of Galata. This street also descends to Karaköy. İn Galip Dede Street there are many shops where you can look for souvenirs. You can also see art galleries and music shops on the street, which is very convenient for shopping.


Another famous district in Beyoğlu is Karaköy. Located in the entrance of the Golden Horn, this district is famous for its seaside cafes, business inns, boutiques and active life. Some of the things you should not miss in Karaköy are:

Galata Bridge

This bridge which is connecting Karaköy and Eminönü is one of the symbols of Istanbul. If you want to pass to Historic Peninsula when you are in Karaköy, you can reach it by crossing Galata Bridge. This walk will also be an opportunity for you to enjoy the Bosphorus view. You can also have dinner opposite Bosphorus in one of fish restaurants under the bridge. Karaköy - Beyoğlu Historical Funicular LineYou can use the Galata Bridge to pass from Karaköy to Eminönü, or you can use this underground subway when you pass from Karaköy to Beyoğlu. Connecting Karaköy and Beyoğlu in 90 seconds, Tunnel is the second oldest underground public transportation system in the world. We recommend those who want to pass from Karaköy to Beyoğlu to use the Tunnel.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum

Istanbul Modern is situated on the beachfront in Karaköy, it is Turkeys first and still the most popular museum of modern art. The museum, which has the main collection and temporary collections, aims to raise an art-lover generation by exhibiting important works of modern art. You can find detailed information about the museum, which has been temporarily moved to Asmalimescit until 2021, in our content titled Istanbul Museums You Must Visit.Kamondo StairsThese stairs, which unite the banks and the Banker street, were built in the 1850s in art nouveau style. Kamondo Stairs is a frequent destination for people who want to take pictures, especially because of their aesthetic appearance.