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Antalya, with its rich history and unique nature, is one of the favorite destinations of those who love to take pictures. In this article, we have listed the wonderful places where you can take photos in Antalya for you. If you are interested in photography and are thinking of visiting Antalya soon, read on!


Olympos is one of the first places that comes to mind when Antalya is mentioned. Olympos, located between Kemer and Adrasan, is a place frequently preferred by photography lovers. It should be said that Olympos is also a place often preferred by those who want to take wedding photos. It is possible to observe ancient city ruins, a wonderful nature and orange trees in the area where you can immortalize unique landscapes.First of all, you should think about that wonderful holiday plan that will make you happy. It is not difficult at all to reach a peaceful and quite comfortable holiday. The first thing to consider when planning a vacation is how we will go on vacation.

Konyaalti Ataturk Park

If you are looking for a place in nature and with a sea view for your photos, we recommend you to visit Konyaaltı Atatürk Park. You can take the photos you want in this wonderful park located on the cliffs.


Perge, one of Turkey's most important ancient cities dating back to BC era, is located seventeen kilometers from the city center. The architecture of Perge Ancient City is quite remarkable. You can catch very nice frames in this mysterious ancient city.

Hidden Paradise Waterfall

The waterfall, whose real name is Değirmendere Waterfall, is located in the area where the waterfall is located, because there was a mill before, the waterfall is called by this name. The waterfall, which has approximately four floors, consists of four large and small waterfalls and natural pools formed by these waterfalls. If you want to photograph this magnificent structure, you should definitely visit this place. You can take your photos from the lowest floor or from the viewing terrace, where you can climb the wooden stairs.

Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate is a famous place in Antalya that many people use as a meeting place. The three-eyed structure, which has an inscription in Latin, was addressed to the Roman Emperor Hadrian, during his visit to Antalya. The elegant arches and columns of the building and its magnificent marble structure have managed to attract the attention of photographers by creating a whole with its historical atmosphere. If you prefer a place that stands out with its historical texture rather than natural beauties for your photos, we recommend that you give Hadrian's Gate a chance.

MarinaIf you have a goal of melting various textures in your photos in a pot, you can choose the marina located on the outskirts of Antalya Castle. Commercial tour boats are usually moored in this place where you can view both a wonderful sea view and historical textures together. You can catch beautiful shots at the marina, which has an important place for the city.