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In previous blog posts, we have mentioned some of the most popular tourist attractions of Antalya; such as The Ancient City of Olympos, Düden Waterfalls, Kaş, and more… Now, we would like to talk about some of the hidden gems in the city, and what they have to offer to travelers. Here are some of the lesser known places in Antalya worth seeing:

Güver Cliff

Our first entry is in Düzlerçamı National Park of Döşemealtı district of Antalya. Güver Cliff, also known as the Güver Canyon, is a great option for those who love nature and photography. A total of 3 different streams flow in the Güver Canyon, which is estimated to be around 1 million years old.


The Çığlıkara Nature Reserve is a beautiful forest of mostly cedar trees. A registered nature reserve of Turkey, Çığlıkara is located in Elmalı district and it covers an area of 39,260 acres. Here you will walk among 400 plant species, which makes it an experience not to miss for nature lovers!

Uçansu Waterfall

Another hidden paradise, Uçansu Waterfall offers a breathtaking view, fresh air to fill your lungs with in every breath you take, and of course, the incomparable peace of being within the nature… Ucansu Waterfall was declared as a natural protected area in 1992. The waterfall is located 95 kms away from Alanya and 167 kms away from Antalya.

Sazak ve Ceneviz Bays

“Hidden” at the foot of the Musa Mountains, Sazak and Ceneviz Bays might be the best options if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place, where you can enjoy swimming surrounded by a lovely nature. You can visit these areas by signing up for a boat tour, which will also be a fun activity in itself!

Sapadere Canyon

Another not-to-miss spot for nature enthusiasts, Sapadere Canyon is located 44 kms away from Alanya, and 179 kms away from Antalya. It is around 360 meters long and 400 meters high. Here you can enjoy a walk and admire your surroundings. After walking for a while, you will reach a spectacular waterfall, so don’t forget to bring your cameras! In addition, you can swim in the natural pool formed by the waterfall!

Tilkiler Cave

Tilkiler Cave is located in Manavgat district of Antalya. The cave is named after the nearby village Tilkiler. Discovered in 1976, the cave have several ponds inside, located at different elevations. If you are feeling adventurous and want to spend some exciting nature time, Tilkiler Cave, with its beautiful atmosphere, will be great option to consider.

Oymapınar Lake

Oymapınar Lake -also known as the Green Lake- is one of the two dams that make up the Manavgat River. The banks of the Oymapınar Lake are lined with beautiful pine trees, creating a lovely natural atmosphere to enjoy. Taking a boat ride is a great way to spend some quality time here.