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Taking a break from the busy work schedule and the stressful work environment for a while and taking a vacation break is the only thing we can't say no to! Well, the thought of what we should take with us in this holiday plan can be quite challenging for us. But don't be upset. From the moment you start reading this article, you will have already determined what you need to take with you on vacation.


There are many things that we call indispensable that we need to take with us when we go on vacation. But basically, we have to define our holiday concept. Because starting to create our holiday plans is the first step of this business. Before you start planning your holiday, you can take a look at the options and hotels we offer you on the AKKA Hotels website. First of all, you should think about that wonderful holiday plan that will make you happy. It is not difficult at all to reach a peaceful and quite comfortable holiday. The first thing to consider when planning a vacation is how we will go on vacation.

If our preference will be for the plane, we will have to think about what we will take with us, both in terms of capacity and prohibited items. Nobody wants to throw away the things they bought with them later. For this reason, it is very important for holiday lovers who will prefer plane travel to check them and create a list accordingly. If you are going on a holiday with a private vehicle, we can be more free about your receivables. But if we have to give you some advice here, don't let the feeling of freedom that comes from traveling by private car mislead you, you can forget what you really need to buy by buying unnecessary items. That's why it's very important to take with you when you go on vacation.

Early reservation
If you have not made a reservation yet while making your holiday plan; In order to make a holiday reservation at AKKA Hotels, Antalya hotels, you should take a look at the hotel reservation page.

How to Prepare a Needs List?

The first thing you should think about is what kind of vacation you need. Is it a camping-based vacation, an all-inclusive hotel vacation, or a caravan vacation? All an option. The option you choose shapes what kind of holiday plan you will make and what you need. If you prefer to book a 5-star hotel, you will make your job a little easier.

Necessity List for All Inclusive Hotel Holiday

If you have chosen your wonderful holiday plan as a hotel, which you have been waiting for and dreaming for a long time, your personal belongings will be the things you need to take with you. This holiday plan, where you choose the hotel option, is an option that has a lot of comfort and does not have much work for you. This holiday plan offers you the comfort of home and the only thing left is to enjoy Antalya's magnificent sea and sun. Of course, you need to create a list for this comfortable holiday option. Especially if you want to include the comfort of home in your holiday plan, you should carefully read what we suggest in this article.


If you need to create your list for this holiday plan; Sunscreen will be our top priority. We should have a little bag in which we put everything related to our personal care. We should place our care products such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, perfume, dental floss, shampoo in this bag. Our books and magazines that we want to accompany us in those peaceful moments when we enjoy the sun.SunglassesThe clothes we will wear during the dayCharger


Medications You Are Currently Using If you are using your preference for a camping holiday, if you are on the way to create a holiday plan in the form of a camping holiday, we should pay attention to what we will receive. Everything should be under your control in this holiday plan from top to bottom. Since you will create your own comfort, you should determine your wishes thoroughly in this holiday option. The things you carry with you while enjoying the camp should meet your needs and should not become an extra burden. Your belongings, which will become a burden, may adversely affect your holiday. An example of the list you need to create when you plan a camping holiday can be as follows; TentSleeping bagClothes that won't force you in the sunIt is very important for your body to choose clothes suitable for the summer season. Shoes suitable for the environment for a comfortable walk in nature. You do not want to go hungry while on a camping holiday. That's why you can cook with practical kitchen tools. You don't want to be away from social media when you're on a camping holiday. For this, do not forget to take a powerbank with you. A map of the location where you will be camping should definitely be in your bag. A pocket knife with multiple functions can make you very happy. Finally, you should buy insecticide that will protect you from insects.


You Shouldn't Forget Things That Matter to You You are in a period when you want peace and comfort and want to get away from stress. You definitely do not want to encounter a different situation on this magnificent holiday. Here, we have prepared our sample lists for you in order not to experience these negativities. Now it's time to share important tips. Your personal cards, money and phone are the things you should keep with you in this whole holiday plan. These three things should always be at hand. Because there isn't a moment when you don't need them. That is why it is useful to note these tips somewhere. When you evaluate all these options and create your list, it means the holiday has started. Now is the time to experience that wonderful holiday plan of your dreams.