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If you have decided to relieve the tiredness of the year and have started planning your holiday in Antalya, welcome to AKKA Antedon hotel, which is waiting for you in Beldibi! Take one step closer to your holiday by making your hotel reservation at AKKA Antedon with early reservation advantages. Then read on to learn more about Beldibi and AKKA Antedon hotel. Check out the hotel reservation page to make your reservation at AKKA Antedon hotel now with the advantages of early booking.

At the beginning of Antalya Travel Guide: Beldibi Beaches

If you are looking for the most beautiful beach in Antalya, maybe to read a book under the shade of a tree, or to play beach volleyball with your friends, Beldibi beaches can meet your expectations. Beldibi beach, which is one of the most preferred beaches in Turkey for domestic and foreign tourists, is a very suitable option for family holidays with its blue flag. You can sunbathe on its own beach in Beldibi of AKKA Antedon, which is a seafront Antalya hotel, or you can enjoy swimming in a clear crystal. You can enjoy the sea. You can also have fun with the wonderful activities you can find at Beldibi beach, the meeting point of green and blue. While you are having wonderful moments with activities such as water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing and diving carried out by private companies, you can immortalize these moments by photographing them.

Evenings at AKKA Antedon are as Fun and Bright as the DaysAfter having fun all day under the light of the sun, the fun does not end at the Beldibi hotel AKKA Antedon. In the evenings, the sparkling hours begin in AKKA Antedon.

AKKA Antedon offers you the most enjoyable moments during your holiday with the activities offered by professional animation teams. Karaoke, dance shows, live music events make your holiday fun. You can also spend pleasant moments with activities such as a movie theater and billiards.

For Family Vacation in Beldibi: AKKA AntedonDo you want your children to spend hours as pleasant and entertaining as at home? AKKA Antedon is among the most preferred hotels by families. A mini club for children, children's animation, children's playground, children's club, children's slide, indoor and outdoor children's pool are available in AKKA Antedon for your children to spend pleasant moments.

For Our Child Guests of Different Age Groups: AKKA AntedonAKKA Antedon has the facilities you need for our children of all ages. Each member of the family has a pleasant time in AKKA Antedon, which has separate opportunities and activities for the 0-3 age group, the 4-7 age group, the 8-11 age group, and the 12-16 age group. Activities organized in the Mini Club for our youngest guests, creative, educational and entertaining activities for our guests aged 4-7, educational activities for our guests aged 8-11, and activities with the highest dose of fun from water volleyball to football for the 12-16 age group.

AKKA is waiting for those who want to spend their 2021 holiday in Antedon. Our Guests Enjoy Holidays in AKKA AntedonIn AKKA Antedon, which is very popular with its private beach by the sea, enjoyable pool, delicious food and beverage options, and entertainment activities, our guests have a holiday experience that is engraved in their memories and remembered with photographs. There is another point that our guests are particularly pleased with. Our friendly staff is highly appreciated by our guests. Our staff who care about your holiday experience are ready to help you with everything you need during your Antalya holiday in AKKA Antedon.

Check out the hotel reservation page to make your hotel reservation at AKKA Antedon now. Are you ready for 2021 Hotel Reservation? By making your 2021 hotel reservation in a 5-star family hotel in Beldibi, you can have your holiday in a fun and relaxing location where the sea and nature meet.

Your holiday awaits you in AKKA Antedon, which serves holiday lovers who want to spend their holidays in nature with different restaurants that appeal to every taste. AKKA Antedon Antalya hotel, which is located among the trees on a large land, has all the facilities for you to enjoy your holiday comfortably and comfortably in its indoor and outdoor areas. Enjoy relaxing in the spacious hotel rooms where you can relax.

Unforgettable Moments, Photos to Share: Antalya Holiday
AKKA Antedon, one of the most beautiful hotels in Antalya with its all-inclusive concept, promises a holiday with a sea view. With a list of activities that do not only consist of the sea and the pool, the moments you will spend in AKKA Antedon will create your best holiday memories. The photos you took during your holiday will always be in the back of your mind. Do not miss the early booking opportunities at AKKA Antedon for a unique and fascinating seafront Antalya hotel.