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Located at the coast of the beautiful Mediterranean, just 40km away from the city centre, Kemer is one of the most popular regions ofAntalya. Known by the name Idryos in the ancient times, during which it was apart of Lydia, today, Kemer is known for its rich local cuisine, clear blue sea,natural wonders and colorful nightlife.If you wish to learn more about this beautiful region andwhat it holds for travelers, continue reading…

Transportation– How to go to Kemer?

Here you have a few options. As we already mentioned, Kemeris just 40 km away from Antalya city center. If you are coming to Antalya byplane, you can basically take a shuttle from the airport and reach Kemer inroughly 1 hour.Say you will take the ferry; then it will take you around 45minutes to get to Kemer. If you are taking a public bus (from the Antalya CoachStation) the ride will be around 1 hour. And if you have a car, again, it willtake you around 1 hour to get to Kemer from Antalya city center.

Places to See in KemerFirst of all, we have always believed in tours withoutguides. So, we strongly advise you to explore the region by yourself, which wethink will be more exciting. Still, to give you a few pointers, here are someof the must-see parts of Kemer:Phaselis Ancient Site CityLocated near the Tekirova Village, 12 km away from Kemer,Phaselis is a must-see site especially for those interested in history. Goingall the way back to 7th century BC, it is an ancient port city established bythe people of Rhodes, with an important place in history.Göynük CanyonWith its waterfalls, lagoons and trees, Göynük Canyon isamong the favorite destinations of those who like nature. A perfect spot fortracking and swimming, it is also a very suitable camping site.Tahtalı MountainTahtalı Mountain is the highest peak of the Bey Mountains.Located in Beydağları National Park, along the Kemer coast, it is also thehighest point of the region (2365 meters). Take the cable car, and enjoy themagnificent view!Beldibi CaveOne of the most popular natural wonders of Kemer, BeldibiCave is located in Beldibi Village, 19 km away from Kemer’s center. Since thecave’s discovery in 1959, a lot of artifacts have been discovered, most notablytools belonging to the stone age.Ayışığı (Moonlight) BeachMoonlight Beach is among the most beautiful beaches inAntalya. It is located in center of Kemer, just behind Kemer Marina. A blueflag beach, it is an ideal spot to enjoy the sea, surrounded by beautiful eucalyptus,pine and palm trees.Olympos Bey Mountains Coast National ParkOlympos Bey Mountains Coast National Park begins from Sarisuof southwestern Antalya, and reaches all the way up to Gelidonya Forelandaccros the shoreline. It is an important destination; as it hosts a number ofattractions such as The Olympos (Lycia), Phaselis and Idyros ancient cities,and Adrasan Beach.Ucoluk PlateauQuite rich in flora and fauna, Ucoluk Plateau is the perfectdestination for those who would like to surround themselves with a beautifulnature and have some much needed clean air. It has an altitude of 1500 meters,and it’s another ideal spot for activities like hiking and camping

Don’t Forget to Try These Local Delicacies!

Do you like discovering local cuisines of the places youvisit? Then you are lucky! Antalya has a very rich menu of local delicacies youshould definetely try when you are in Kemer, some of which are:      Oğmaç soupKulaklı soupEkşi aşı soupYoruk KebabStuffed zucchini flowersMahlutaIn addition, if you like seafood, you will be pleased tofind a wide range of seafood restaurants in the Kemer region, with greatambiance and friendly staff!

Discover the Nightlife!

Antalya is famous for its nightlife, and, of course, Kemeris no exception. Live music, chic restaurants, small pubs, flashy nightclubs,karaoke bars and more… Whatever it is you need for a fun night out, you canfind it in Kemer.Some of the popular places you can check out are:Fly ClubKlub KristallClub InfernoAura Sherlock’s BarBarby KaraokeMonkey Disko BarAura Club Kemer