Make a Safe Holiday Plan for Your Children
  • 16.04.2021
  • Akka
Getting away from your ordinary life, the responsibilities and stress it brings, and leaving all of that aside at least for a couple of weeks with an entertaining, relaxing, and all-inclusive holiday are on top of everyone's dream board. Well, yours can become true! Especially for those who want to have a holiday with their families, AKKA Hotels offer you everything you need in the name of a holiday.

An All-inclusive Holiday for You and Your Children

AKKA Hotels present your children with an all-inclusive holiday as much as they present you. While you sunbathe on the beach, play beach volleyball, swim or rest in your room, your children can enjoy the water in indoor and outdoor swimming pools or dine with their peers in the children's restaurant. There are plenty of areas your children can freely and safely amuse themselves while you can focus on yourself and your all-inclusive holiday. With veiled playgrounds on the beach, game lands, play barns, water playgrounds, and garden playgrounds can rollick and socialize with their peers.

AKKA Hotels Mini Club and Junior Club

With Mini Club and Junior Club where your children can freely socialize, make new friends from different countries, discover themselves and acquire new hobbies, and contain both creative and educational activities. While you make the most of your holiday and enjoy the lively activities AKKA Hotels present or finally make time for yourself and rest your head, your children can have an independent holiday from you. With both indoor and outdoor activities, your children can develop their creativity and skills and have an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Beneficial and Quality Activities for Your Children

Mini Club and Junior Club offer plenty of physical activities such as football, volleyball, beach volleyball for your children to attend, enjoy and discharge energy. With those activities, your children will spend the time of their lives in the most healthy way. Of course, AKKA Hotels didn't forget the mental and artistic development of your children. Your children can also push the limits of their minds with chess activities and bring out the art-prone gem in them with theatre programs and karaoke. Once your children get the taste of these lively activities, they will wish your holiday would never end. Thanks to Mini Club and Junior Club they will have the most unforgettable holiday they ever had with a brand-new hobby they will pursue and enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Your Children Will Be Safe With Us

And one of the best parts of the Mini Club and Junior Club is that you don't have to worry about a thing. Our cheerful, friendly, and professional team will accompany your precious children. Our lovely team members will also help you choose the event calendar you think suits your children best and prepare a schedule that your children will get the utmost enjoyment out of and put you at ease. Both indoor and outdoor activity grounds provide services according to your children's health. Your children will be monitored 24 hours by a camera so you can watch how much fun they have from your hotel room while you are also having the holiday of your life.

Culturel Commingling

Antalya is the tourism capital of Turkey and is home to hundreds of tourists every year. In AKKA Hotels your children will be able to socialize with their peers and share their excitement and entertainment with them but most importantly they will share them with children from all around the world. They will have the chance to meet with foreign people and be familiar with their culture.

Everything You Need in The Name Of A Holiday

To sum up everything that has been said so far, AKKA Hotels offer you and your family everything you want and need from a holiday. Your holiday in AKKA Hotels will be the most enjoyable and relaxing couple of weeks of your and your children's life.