Healthy Snacks You Can Prepare At Home
  • 10.08.2020
  • HealthyLife

Healthy Snacks You Can Prepare At Home

Snacks are an irreplaceable part of our lives… We enjoy them between meals, while working late hours, before or after workouts, when we are too busy to eat anything else, and, well, when there is nothing better to do! And while snacks don’t necessarily have to be unhealthy, unfortunately some of the tastiest ones are, and eating them regularly will most likely have a negative impact on our health. But what if there are healthier alternatives to our favorite snacks, that we can easily prepare at home with minimum amount of time and effort, and enjoy as much as we can? In this post, we will be sharing some snack recipes that you can prepare at home, so you can explore healthier options, while spending some quality time at inside- which is something we all should do these days!

Yoghurt Bar

Yoghurt is an important calcium source, and this snack you can easily prepare at home is a great refresher, especially on hot summer days. Mix yoghurt with honey, and lay the mixture on a tray (on top of a parchment paper)- add pistachios or fruits as you wish -don’t be afraid to get creative!- and then put it to freezer. After about 5 hours, your snack is ready to eat!

Kinoa & Mango

Sounds healthy doesn’t it? It is also delicious and quite fulfilling. Boil the kinoa and put it in little cups, then mix it with some milk. Cut the mangoes in little cubes and add them to the mixture. You can add some fruits as well, and there you go!

Yoghurt & Walnuts & Oatmeal

If we are talking about healthy snacks, you know there should be at least one option with oatmeal! And here it is- as the title suggests, you just mix the three; putting the mixture of yoghurt and oatmeal to the fridge from the night before, and adding the walnuts to the mixture the next day. Of course, additional fruits of your choice are still an option!

Zucchini Chips

No snack list will be complete without some chips! And believe it or not, there is such thing as a healthy chips! All you need to do is to slice the zucchini -very thin!- and put the slices into the oven ( of course after adding some parmesan cheese, sunflower oil and spices of your choice) Let them bake for around 20 minutes in 200 degrees -don’t forget to check them once in a while!- and your chips will be ready!

Bonus (for those who don’t have time to prepare something)

If you are short on time, there are still lots and lots of healthy snacks that you can enjoy, some of which are; -Slices of pineapple -Red fruits -Nuts -Dried fruits -Carrot and cucumber slices with some squeezed lemon