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The capital of the empires, İstanbul surely has many places for tourists to see. Although most of them are highly popular, there are still some hidden gems in the city. In this post, we compiled five lesser known places that you should visit in İstanbul!

Küçük Su Pavilion


Located on the coastal road between Üsküdar and Beykoz, Küçük Su Pavilion is one of the lesser-known historical places of İstanbul, and it has a magnificent structure. Nowadays, Küçük Su Pavilion is famous for its delicious breakfasts in its garden by the Bosphrous. Küçük Su Pavilion will be an excellent option for those who want to enjoy breakfast within the Bosphorus atmosphere.

Phanar Greek Orthodox College


Phanar Greek Orthodox College is in Balat district. It is a building that draws attention with its unique architecture. Red bricks and granite were used in the construction of this magnificent building, located on the top of the Sancaklar slope. This structure, which attracts attention within the historical texture of Balat, is a strong alternative for those who want to explore the rare places of İstanbul.

The Aya Yorgi Church, Büyükada


When you come to İstanbul, you should definitely take a tour of the princess islands. Located in Büyükada, The Aya Yorgi Church, built in 1905 and opened in 1909, is also a place you should visit during your island tour. There are also various superstitions about this church, which is located on a hill at the end of a long slope. This holy place where wishes are believed to come true is also one of the places not to be missed with its magnificent view.

Çatalca İnceğiz Caves


Located in the village of İnceğiz in Çatalca district, where a number of classic Turkish films were shot, these caves are arranged in a three-four-story building. Although it is called a cave, it is known that the creation of this structure, which emerged from the carving of rocks by human hands, dates back to five thousand years ago. For those who want to have a pleasant day and maybe have a picnic, Çatalca İnceğiz is an ideal option.

Anadolu Kavağı

Famous for its lush green nature and cute fisherman restaurants by the Bosphorus, Anadolu Kavağı is a touristic seaside neighborhood in İstanbul. In this district, which can be easily reached by ferries departing from Eminönü and Sarıyer, there is a Yoros castle for history buffs and a picnic area in Poyrazköy for those who want to have a picnic. We recommend you to visit Anadolu Kavağı to enjoy fish in a calm and natural environment and find peace.