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If you have completed your glamorous wedding, which you have been dealing with for months, and you have left the stress of the wedding behind, you are ready for your holiday, one of the most important journeys of your life-long marriage: honeymoon vacation! We will talk about what the honeymoon packages are, how the honeymoon vacation should be, and how to choose honeymoon places! Before you start reading, do not forget to check out the Special Offers page for honeymoon packages at Akka Antedon.

Balayı, Kusursuz ve EşsizBir Deneyim Olmalıdır

Your honeymoon is one of the most enjoyable trips that will crown your marriage. All the photos you take with your spouse during your honeymoon vacation will remind you of those beautiful memories throughout your life. For this reason, you can consider evaluating honeymoon holiday options that will make your honeymoon unforgettable. Your honeymoon experience that will crown your romantic marriage should be a unique experience like your wedding and should reflect your relationship.

Antalya activities are home to many options for excited souls. In Antalya; You can spend your holiday in a dreamy natural attraction center with many nature sports, from trekking routes to cave and safari trips, from rafting activities to climbing and diving activities!Rafting, which is at the top of the nature sports activities in Antalya, is a paradise for adventurers looking for excitement.


Offering a variety of landscapes from intense mountain landscapes and canyons to lush Mediterranean plains, the rafting tour will be an unforgettable adventure in your Antalya holiday. During the rafting activity, you will experience the excitement of fast-paced rivers, fascinating natural beauties and first-class currents, where nature will drag you.The most fun activity for those looking for different experiences: scuba diving! For adventurers who are not content with snorkeling in the unique blue waters of Antalya, scuba diving will be one of the most beautiful nature sports in Antalya!


In untouched diving areas; Seeing colorful and luminous fish, corals and even Mediterranean seals, which are native to the Mediterranean, will provide you with an unforgettable experience! Antalya will fascinate you with the diversity of its underwater world and will allow you to discover different creatures in the Mediterranean with its crystal clear waters. The extraordinary underwater view will bring you closer to nature and offer a vast world waiting to be explored.Experience the bird's-eye view of Antalya's unique landscapes while gliding in the sky with joy in the excitement of paragliding, where you will feel the adrenaline to your bones in Antalya nature sports.


The freedom and energy of soaring in the sky overlooking one of the world's most impressive architectural structures and city centers, as well as the azure sea and mountainous scenery, cannot be compared with anything! Let the warm wind embrace you.

For Your Precious Memories: Honeymoon Holiday in Antalya
Forget about the transportation difficulties of international routes. With the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, the warm charm of Antalya fascinates its guests with its lush green countryside and clear coves. Antalya hotels can be found among the honeymoon places preferred by couples who want to experience an unforgettable honeymoon. Antalya hotels will be the pearl of your honeymoon experience with their long golden beaches, lush nature and eye-catching architecture.

One of Turkey's unique honeymoon destinations, Antalya is home to unique blue seas and lush nature. Enjoy your honeymoon with Antalya hotels that embrace their guests with the colors of nature.

An Unforgettable ExperienceOffered Honeymoon Packages

There are many privileges that will crown the unforgettable holiday experience of newly married couples among Antalya hotels that allow you to relieve your wedding stress and tiredness.

Enjoy the unique honeymoon package of Akka Hotels, which considers every detail to provide an unforgettable honeymoon experience to its guests. While you are reading your favorite book by the pool, enjoying a relaxing massage or watching the stars in the sky during your romantic walks on the beach, embrace the calm atmosphere and leave all the details about your honeymoon to Akka Hotels. Breathe in the Mediterranean air, which will be your charming honeymoon place on your honeymoon holiday, and enjoy your unforgettable honeymoon experience!

Experience a dreamy honeymoon holiday from the first moment of your romantic Antalya holiday to the last moment you reach your home with Akka Antedon Hotel, Akka Alinda Hotel and Akka Claros Hotel's honeymoon packages and feel unique at every step. Step into a unique Antalya holiday with honeymoon packages specially prepared for our newlywed couples who will experience the most unforgettable honeymoon holiday of their lives! After a special welcome, enjoy the summer fruits in the honeymoon room and sip your champagne.

While enjoying the sweet plate of Turkish delight and cookies included in the honeymoon package, stretch your feet and enjoy your unique Antalya holiday! Gather energy for your unique holiday with the breakfast prepared with Mediterranean greenery and rich Turkish breakfast that will crown the first morning of your honeymoon holiday!

With its blue flag beaches adorning its long sand and pebble beaches, Akka Hotels honeymoon packages are too magnificent to be true! Planning your wedding, the most important moment of your life, can be a tiring experience. To get rid of your wedding stress and relax on your romantic honeymoon, contact now to get discounts on Akka Antedon Hotel and Akka Alinda Hotel honeymoon packages and massages at the SPA center! Relax with unique massage experiences that will relieve all your wedding fatigue and enjoy a private holiday. Unwind and relax on your honeymoon holiday with a special Spa discount for honeymoon couples included in Akka Antedon Hotel and Akka Alinda Hotel honeymoon packages, and many treatments from antistress massage to traditional Balinese massage and foam massage.

Crown Your Honeymoon with a Romantic Dinner

Although the main restaurant, where different world cuisines are served, pleases the eye, the honeymoon packages specially offered to honeymooners point to a romantic dinner, which is a must for your honeymoon holiday. Refresh your love by having a free, romantic dinner at Akka Antedon Hotel A La Carte restaurant, which you choose one evening with the honeymoon package specially offered for honeymoon couples at Akka Antedon Hotel! A La Carte restaurants invite their visitors to discover delicious dishes of rich world cuisine with different concepts. Akka Antedon honeymoon packages; Olive à la Carte, Pasha à la Carte, Gulet à la Carte, Safran à la Carte restaurants offer an unforgettable dinner experience during your wonderful honeymoon. Akka Alinda Hotel offers rich options from different world cuisines with its honeymoon package. Experience the taste of a romantic dinner at anyone you wish! Include unforgettable taste journeys on your honeymoon with A La Carte restaurants where you can experience the tastes of different countries. With their stylish atmosphere and unique views, Gulet à la Carte and Pasha à la Carte restaurants will host the unforgettable dinner of your honeymoon holiday.

Will Make Your Vacation ImmortalHoneymoon Photos

Make your Antalya holiday immortal with your honeymoon vacation photos, which are as important as your wedding album! Your honeymoon vacation photos, which will remind you of your unique honeymoon vacation experience that you spent alone, and that you will always keep, are of great importance.

A honeymoon holiday with your partner in the turquoise waters and golden sands is your happy moment. It is all you need to immortalize your memories in our unique holiday experience! Honeymoon vacation photos that will make you always remember the unique natural beauties of Antalya hotels and leave memories that will make you smile every time you look at you and your spouse will be a must!