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Do you find yourself thinking of the songs sung by the unique waves of the sea? Can't help but look at the travel routes where you are surrounded by shades of blue? Then you can be a sea lover too! For a unique holiday experience for sea lovers, Antalya hotels by the sea, which you can reach without leaving your comfort zone, offer a wonderful holiday experience that matches your style! The hotels, which host endless beaches, are almost a carefully made escape route for sea lovers... In this article, we will talk about Antalya hotels by the sea, beautiful hotels on the beaches of Antalya and the tips you need to have an unforgettable sea holiday experience in Antalya. Before you start reading our article, do not forget to review the Akka Antedon website, which impresses with its blue flag beach.

Paradise on Earth: Antalya Hotels by the Sea

Tatil denilince ilk akla gelen güneşlenme, plajda vakit geçirme ve yıl boyunca özlenen denize karşı meyve kokteyli yudumlamak olacaktır. Şehrin kalabalık ve kaosundan uzaklaşarak zaman geçirmek güneşli ve denize sıfır bir Akdeniz rotasına kaçışı çağrıştırır!Antalya otelleri doğal güzelliği ve Akdeniz’in sımsıcak sularıyla rakipsizdir. Denizin maviliğine doyacağınız Akdeniz’den geri dönmek istemeyeceksiniz! Tatil rotasını belirleyecekler için Akdeniz’in eşsiz doğa harikası, ülkemizin benzersiz sahillerine sahip olan Antalya otellerinin cazibesine yenik düşmemek zor! Sizi bekleyen uçsuz mavilikleri süsleyen sahiliyle denize sıfır otellerde yeryüzündeki cenneti yaşamak istemez misiniz?Benzersiz bir tatil deneyimiyle geçirdiğiniz uzun yılınızın tüm yorgunluğunu atmak ve uyandığınızda turkuaz sulara yakın olmak için size özel bir mücevher: Denize sıfır Antalya otelleri!

The Best Sea Hotels to Wake Up Against the Sea

Akka Antedon beach, which will be your number one choice among beautiful hotels on the Antalya coast, has a dazzling Mediterranean beach just 30 minutes away from the arch. Shining next to a fertile valley, this pearl of holiday offers a calm beach experience with its sea embracing its guests. Surrounded by the scent of orange trees, the beach, which has the appearance of a mirage with the salty wind of the sea and the warmth of the sea, will revive your feelings with its peaceful atmosphere. Breakfast in your room will offer you the experience of waking up to the sea you dream of! When you open your window, you will not want to give up on mornings where you will wake up to the sound of birds and breathe the warm air of the Mediterranean. Feel the soft breeze of the calm sea lying in the vast blue that will welcome you in the morning and rejuvenate!

You Will Be Satisfied With Turquoise Waters
Choosing an Escape Route
You are invited to feel the free spirit of the sea breeze at the seaside Antalya hotels that will offer you the holiday experience you desire this summer. But sometimes trying to find the perfect seaside vacation route can be challenging. Antalya all-inclusive hotels with many great options have Antalya deals for everyone.

Let Akka Antedon Hotel take you to a magical world with its blue flag sea.
Enjoy swimming with colorful fish in the turquoise sea, which has biodiversity that does not lose its natural structure in Antalya hotels, or collect seashells that will remain as memories for life while watching the sunset on your romantic evening beach walks.

Activities You Can Do During Your Antalya Holiday

While lying on the beach and listening to the music of the gentle waves, there are many activities you can do in beautiful hotels on the Antalya coast! The crystal clear blue flag sea of Akka Antedon Hotel, which will decorate the dreams of sea lovers, will be an excellent option for diving. This unique sea, where natural beauty is preserved, is waiting to be discovered by you! Experience a unique diving experience that will allow you to see the unique underwater beauties of the Mediterranean. Whether you want to relax by reading your favorite book on the beach or give a chance to adventurous experiences with different water sports, Antalya holiday hotels by the sea are just for you! Akka Alinda Hotel's water sports facilities will be the perfect opportunity to add new experiences to your unique holiday experience that you will remember for a lifetime! Beach volleyball, which is one of the most eye-catching activities to be done during the holiday in Antalya, is the indispensable activity of the beach. You will feel like you are in a movie scene with beach volleyball where the fun will reach the peaks. Beach volleyball activity, where you will both have fun and socialize, will be your favorite activity you can do in Antalya hotels by the sea!

For Your Romantic MomentsBeachfront Hotels

Refresh your love with the unique beach experience, the highlight of your holiday experience. You will be refreshed with long walks on the beach at sunset. Feel free with the soft breeze of the sea during your walks on the wooden pier that will allow you to take a closer look at the sea and breathe in the unique Mediterranean air! Discover your fascinating holiday experience in every detail with Akka Antedon Hotel, which has its own private beach and pier, where you will experience fascinating moments with the unique Mediterranean waves flowing under your feet. Akka Antedon Hotel beach will be engraved in your memories while you write your names on the sand on the beach that will host your romantic walks that you will take hand in hand.