Aesthetics, Peace and Comfort: Discover the Rooms of Akka Antedon!
  • 30.06.2020
  • Akka

Aesthetics, Peace and Comfort: Discover the Rooms of Akka Antedon!

Akka Antedon, a 5-star family hotel in Kemer district ofAntalya, offers its guests unforgettable experiences in atmosphere of perfectharmony of sea and nature. The hotel which is located in the forested areasurrounded by Beydağları awaits its guests with its spacious gardens, funactivities, concept restaurants with international cuisine and much more. Inbrief if you are dreaming about a peaceful, comfortable and luxurious stay withyour loved ones, Akka Antedon is the hotel you are looking for.

Also Akka Antedon comes to the fore with room conceptssuitable for all tastes and needs. You can easily find the most suitable roomfor you in Akka Antedon, which has a wide range of accommodation ranging fromthe stylish and useful Superior Room option to the Duplex Family Room where youcan spend time with your family. In this article, we will briefly mention allthe prominent room options…

Comfortable and Stylish: Superior Room

Akka Antedon draws attention with its useful and spaciousrooms and unlimited services which are offered to the guests. 42 Square metersSuperior Room is the choice for those who want to feel themselves in thecomfort of their home during their stay. Everything you need is waiting for youin the room: French bed with mosquito net, double sofa and work desk. Do notforget that you can also enjoy the balcony with nature view in Superior Room furnishedwith tasteful furniture on parquet floor.

Both Convenient and Plain: Standart Room

If you are looking for a smaller and plain room, you canchoose our Standard Room option. Changing between 30 and 42 square meters,these rooms are ideal for a peaceful and quiet stay. This comfortable room withsuch details as bathtub, LED television and make-up mirror attracts attentionwith its stylish details.

Suitable for Special Needs: Disabled Room

Akka Antedon, which does not forget its guests with specialneeds, offers the Disabled Room alternative where its guests can easily meettheir needs. These 28 square meters rooms are accompanied with a balcony whereyou can embrace the beauties of the Mediterranean. In a room with a French bedthere are also details suitable for guests' needs such as toilet for thedisabled.

Unforgettable Stay with Your Loved Ones: Family Rooms

Family rooms, where every detail carefully prepared for youto have a perfect trip with your family, combines comfort, luxury and entertainment.If you are looking for small and modern room to have a pleasant time with yourloved ones, you can choose our 40-52 square meters Family Room. This room,which has two bedrooms separated by a door, also attracts attention with itsbalcony with a magnificent sea view.

For those guests who are looking for a larger place, DuplexFamily Room is ideal. These rooms, which are preferred by those who want tospend a colorful holiday with their family, vary between 52 and 63 squaremeters. These two-storey rooms have French beds, twin beds and sofas, as wellas large balconies where you can feel the peace of nature.

Another room which is specially prepared to make the familyholiday privileged is Duplex Suite Family Room. These 61-98 square meter roomshave all the details that will make your holiday special. The two-storey andtwo-bedroom rooms bring the warmth of your home and offer both luxury andcomfort.

Feel Special: King Suite

Sit back and leave yourself to the privileged world of AkkaAntedon. If you are planning a royal trip, we have King Suite for you. This 278square meters room gives its guests more than they need. King Suite, which isprepared with great care in every detail, amazes its visitors with itsluxurious furniture and large terrace. Except for a bedroom and a living roomin these rooms, accompanied by a magnificent Mediterranean view, there is alsoa private kitchen you can use easily. Unforgettable experiences await you inthese comfortable rooms where you can enjoy your own jacuzzi and comfortableand stylish seating group.

A Privileged Accommodation Experience: Akka Antedon Residence

If you wantto spoil yourself alittle this summer, and wish to have an unforgettable holiday experience in aprivileged living space with special services, this time our recommendationwill be Residence villas. Everything you need for you and your family toexperience an unforgettable stay in these luxurious villas, where you can enjoymany privileges such as your own garden, pool, sunbathing areas, has beenconsidered to the finest detail!

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