Tips to Be More Productive in Home Office
  • 27.11.2020
  • Akka

Tips to Be More Productive in Home Office

A lot of us had to switch to working from home this year, for obvious reasons, and while some are doing a great job at it, some are understandably struggling to stay focused on their tasks and keep missing deadlines. While working from home is clearly not for everyone, still there are some things you can do to get better at it, if you think you belong to the second group. Here are some tips to increase productivity when working from home:

Set a Specific Room/Area to Work

Yes, you are not in an office anymore, but that does not necessarily mean that you cannot have your own office inside your home! If you can set a specific room or area just for working, it should help your productivity- but of course not everyone has a house big enough to spare an entire room to work. If that is the case for you, instead of working at leisure areas -such as your bed or the couch in front of the TV- set a specific area and work there- like kitchen table for example.


There are enough distractions at home, and you certainly do not need more! So, try to keep your house -and especially your working space- as clean and minimal as possible, with very little to none distractions if you can. Remember, it is always harder to focus when you are surrounded by junk.

Have a Strict Work Schedule

As we said above, working from home can be quite distracting, and a strict work schedule that shows what you have and have not done, and what needs to be done for the rest of the day should help keeping you on the track. Try to prepare it from the day before; this way you won’t loose any time figuring out what to do each day.

Know Your Most Productive Hours

While some people are at their most energetic & productive in the mornings, some work much better at night. By now you should be able to know which category you belong in- and if your working hours are not too strict, you should try planning your work day and your tasks considering your most productive hours.

Exercise Once in a While

It is hard to mention every benefit of regular exercise in a single post, but just to point out some of them- it helps to boost your energy, keeps you focused, and makes you feel better, physically and mentally. You can do some body weight exercises or just take a little walk outside- just keep moving! We promise you will feel -and work- better.

Bonus: You Can Always Leave Your House!

You know working from home also means you don’t have to work from home, right? Whenever you are bored, you can just take your computer, and go to your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or even a park, if the weather is nice. A change of place is almost always nice, and it should help you stay focused.