Best Camping Spots in Antalya
  • 01.09.2020
  • Antalya

Best Camping Spots in Antalya

Camping is among the favorite activities of travelers and nature-lovers. And Antalya is one of the best cities to camp in Turkey, with its lovely sea, and beautiful nature that never fails to amaze. So, while the camping season is still on, we thought it might be helpful to share a couple of camping places in the city. Here are some of the top free and exclusive camping spots in Antalya:
Exclusive Camping Spots

Andriake Camping (Demre)

Located in Demre -roughly 145 kms away from the city centre- Andriake is a popular spot among campers. Here you can camp near a beautiful sea, surrounded by trees, colorful flowers and chirping birds… Open for camping with trailers as well, Andriake offers tent renting, electricity, showers, internet and food. To reach Andriake, you can go with your private vehicle, or take a bus.

İncekum Camping (Alanya)

A breathtaking view, and a clear blue sea… İncekum Forest camping spot is about 25 kms away from Alanya’s center- which is 125 kms away from Antalya. İncekum offers a peaceful spot for those who are looking for some quiet time alone with nature. It also offers services like shower, WC, restaurant and local markets you can shop from.

Kaş Camping (Kaş)

As you probably know as well, Kaş has become one of the most popular areas in Antalya in the recent years. There is a number of camping spots in Kaş, and Kaş Camping is among the popular ones. In this beautiful place -which is within walking distance to Kaş- you can set up your tent, or park your trailer, and enjoy the unique nature of Kaş with peace!

Çıralı Camping (Kemer)

Çıralı is located within Olympos Beydağları National Park. Here you can walk by a beautiful 3 kms long beach -also the mating grounds of Caretta Carettas- and camp within a lovely nature filled with different shades of green. Especially recommended if you haven’t been to Ancient City of Olympos before!
Free Camping Spots

Korsan Bay (Kumluca)

A refreshing place where blue meets green, Korsan Bay, located in Kumluca, offers a peaceful camping experience to travelers and adventurers. Here you can enjoy setting up your tent within the forest, and swimming in the turquoise sea!

Aytap Ancient City (Alanya)

This camping spot is located in Alanya’s Imamli area, which is around 33 kms distance from Alanya centre. You can reach here with a bus or with your private vehicle, and you can camp with your tent or trailer.

Patara Camping (Kaş)

Another camping spot from Kaş, Patara is a popular free camping site between Kaş and Fethiye. It is located at the beach of the Ancient City of Patara. You can enjoy a beautiful nature and a lovely sea here, as well as admiring the surrounding history. Trailers are not allowed.

Adrasan Bay (Kumluca)

Another camping spot close to famous Olympos, Adrasan Bay is located in Kumluca. Here you can enjoy Antalya’s beautiful nature and sea in a serene environment with fresh air. For those who’d like to spend some quality time alone with nature, Adrasan Bay is a must see!