A Privileged Holiday Experience in Antalya: Akka Residence
  • 11.06.2020
  • Akka

A Privileged Holiday Experience in Antalya: Akka Residence

Ask anyone to describe their ideal holiday, and almost eachof them will paint a different picture. Yes, expectations change; based on age,preferences, personal taste and so on, and because of this different peoplehave different expectations from an “ideal holiday”. Some look for peace andcomfort, some for privacy, and some for entertainment… But in addition to allthese, some look for luxury, and privileges. If you belong to that group, thenthis post is for you!

Designed for our guests looking for an exclusive holidayexperience in a luxurious environment filled with privileges, we present youAkka Antedon Residence villas!

A Living Space Just for You and Your Family

Here in Antedon, we have two unique villa concepts: Ruby andSapphire. In addition to your regular access to all the facilities of AkkaAntedon Hotel such as bars, restaurants and shared spaces, in these villas youwill have a luxurious living space with a private garden and pool just for youand family, and you will be able to enjoy exclusive services.

And what is inside? Let’s take a peek…

Villa Ruby

In two story Ruby villas, you will find all the comfort andconvenience you need during your vacation, in a luxurious, spacious livingspace designed to impress. High-quality furniture for maximum comfort, abeautiful and practical kitchen, a French bedroom, and a twin bedroom will bewaiting for you inside. Outside, you will have your own swimming pool andgarden!

Villa Sapphire

Villa Sapphire will take your breath away with its lovelyliving room filled with natural light coming from the high French windows, anda magnificent nature view surrounding you… In addition to a private pool andgarden, here you will also enjoy a private sauna, massage room and Jacuzzi! VillaSapphire has a fully-furnished kitchen, 2 French bedrooms and 2 twin bedrooms.

To make the long story short, Residence villas offer youeverything you need from a luxurious, privileged vacation- and more! If youwish to learn more, ask questions from live-chat and make online reservations,feel free to visit this page. And hurry,there is only 7 of them!