Let Your Soul Rest, Revitalize Your Body: Akka Antedon Spa
  • 01.07.2020
  • Akka

Let Your Soul Rest, Revitalize Your Body: Akka Antedon Spa

Surrounded by the magnificent nature of Beldibi, 5-star AkkaAntedon opens the doors of a peaceful and comfortable holiday to its guests. The hotel is promising its guests a pleasant time with its private beach, gardens befitting the Mediterranean nature, rooms with every detail carefully prepared, restaurant with rich flavors and activities where you can have fun and offers you more than you ever imagined.

Akka Antedon, which is located in a unique location where sea and nature meet each other, is of course not just about these. In this article, we will briefly talk about Akka Antedon Spa and its facilities that open its doors to our guests who want to pamper themselves with a large number of professional massage and care services…

Bath Tradition Extending From Past to Present

The traditional Turkish bath culture of Akka Antedon Spa &Wellness is waiting for you. With the refreshing effect of hot steam both on the body and mind, the bath has many benefits. The bath, which is preferred for its refreshing and relaxing feature, also cleanses the skin from dead parts and provides a young and healthy appearance. Such Turkish bath treatments as peeling– foam and sultan massage are among the opportunities that the hotel offers to its visitors. One of the indispensable parts of the Turkish bath is that you can remove dead skin with the pouch application and smooth your skin. In the same way, you can relax your body and let your skin breathe with foam massage. If you want to have a nice massage to pamper yourself, you can try hammam sultan massage. After this massage made by two professional therapists, you can relieve the tiredness of the day and continue the day refreshed.

Massages and SpecialTreatments

Far East Massages

If you want to pamper yourself with Far East massages known for its relaxing and regenerating effects, Akka Antedon Spa & Wellness center awaits you for very special treatments. One of them is ThaiReflexologie, which is based on the acupuncture method. The massage, which is applied by stimulating the reflex points on the hands and feet, accelerates the blood circulation and helps to relieve the pain in the bone compositions and muscles.

Another Far East massage, Bali Massage, is perfect for feeling refreshed. The massage, which is performed by stimulating acupuncture points on the body with hard and soft strokes, is made by professional therapists brought from Bali Island of Indonesia.

If you want to activate the energy points of your body ThaiMassage is waiting for you. You can also increase your body flexibility in the application, which includes traditional Far East massage techniques.

If you are one of those people who believe in the healing power of plants, you can relax with Thai Herbal Massage. It has a therapeutic feature, which is created by applying natural plant leaves and roots to the body with hot steam. Far East massages in Akka Antedon Spa & Wellness center are not limited by these. Another practice you can choose are relaxing and healing effective Shiatsu Massage based on acupuncture method and JimbaranMassage, where you will feel deep relaxation.

 Therapy Massages

Akka Antedon Spa & Wellness center does not forget the guests with chronic pain, muscle tension, and postural problems. With therapeutic massages made by a professional team, you can relax both spiritually and physically. You can have unique experiences with therapy messages ranging from Classic Massage where you can relieve your muscle and joint pain, to Sports Massage application applied for relaxation before and after sports. If you are going through a stressful period, you can choose RelaxMassage and Antistress Massage with special aromatic oils. If you are suffering from chronic pains, you can also relax with Deep Tissue Massage, where deep pressure is applied to tissues and muscles with low tempo. Our spa center, which does not forget its guests who are expecting a baby, also provides pregnancy Massage service for such problems as back and low back pain and enema collection during pregnancy.

Slimming and Recovery Massage

If you are uncomfortable with your excess weight and dream of a slender body, Starvac application in our spa center is waiting for you. The vacuum device called Starvac has the effect of forming the body and reshapes under the skin. As a result of the application which consists of four stages, you can get the body of your dream. If you want to say goodbye to your cellulite and get in shape, definitely try Anti Cellulite Massage and Contour Lift Recovery Massage.

Special Treatments

AkkaAntedon, which loves to provide its guests with unforgettable experiences, also draws attention to its different types of massage. Hot Stone Massage, where special stones are heated and put on your body, after which you will feel relaxed and relieved, Sultan Massage, where two massage therapists take part with 4hands, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, which provides a deep relaxation using traditional Hawaiian massage technique, Harmoni Massage that can relax your body with natural aromatic oils and more are waiting for you.

If you are looking for a different massage experience, you can try Bai-Do, which is applied on the floor bed, and body weight is used during the massage. You will feel a deep relief as the degree of hardness of application is being adjusted according to the age of the person to be massaged. Could not you decide which of these relaxing experiences to choose? Then we recommend you Akka Mix Massage. Through the application, where different types of massage are blended in a single session, you can live many different experiences.

Skin and body treatments

AkkaAntedon Spa & Wellness Center, which offers its guests the latest technology products and a professional team, gives a privileged skin care services. Ericson Laboratoire Energy Lift, which shows the regeneration effect on your skin immediately is at the top of the applications. As a result of this session made by estheticians, you will be amazed at the new condition of your skin.

FemintyCare, a new skincare therapy, restores your skin's hormone balance, allowing the proteins in your skin to reactivate. If you want to receive special care therapy for the eye area, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the face, you can benefit from Bio-Optics after which you can get rid of the bags and rings. You can also choose Meso-Vit and Derma Calm applications to take the vitamins that your skin needs and get a fresh and renewed look.

Special therapies are waiting for you in the spa center where you can get both body and skin treatments. Cleopatra Ritual, which is applied peeling after milk bath, BaliSpa Lulur Ritual, where exotic flower powders brought from Bali Island are used, Green Tea Detox Ritual, where the anti-aging feature of green tea is used, Sunset Care with the combination of pomegranate peeling and aromatic oils are just some of them. If you want to feel a little more special, you can choose the Golden Dream Ritual made with golden massage oil which contains gold particles or the Chocolate Dream Ritual with the chocolate mask and coffee peeling. In addition, if you want to tighten during body care, Sudeye ContourLift Care may be the application you are looking for.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Meet Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old natural healing system based on the Vedic culture of India, Akka Antedon Spa & Wellness center. Ayurveda, which provides physical and spiritual relief by applying sesame oil, which is heated in accordance with withbody temperature, to the body, is made by specialist therapists using special techniques. Another application is Shirodhara, which is used as a treatment for hormone and stress-related diseases. You will feel quite relaxed after this care done by pouring sesame oil into the head and neck area. Abhyanga, whereAyurvedic massage technique is applied to the whole body with special heated oils, is another method you can try.

A Special Sauna Experience

The sauna, also known as the "Finnish Bath", dates back to ancient times. The sauna culture, which has come from the past to the present, has many benefits not only for the body but also for the mind. The steam bath, which allows the muscles to relax due to the high temperature, also regulates the blood flow. You can purify your body from toxins and get rid of the stresses of modern life easily in Akka Antedon Spa & Wellness center, which pays great attention to every detail to make the sauna experience of its guests unique.

Perfect for Relaxing: Relax & Steam Room

Steam room, which is one of the most preferred places to relieve the tiredness of the day, meets you with the privilege of Akka Antedon. The room, which helps to prevent fluid loss while removing toxins from the body through its high humidity, also plays a big role in the regeneration of the skin. The steam room, which provides a faster breakdown of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles after sports, is also among the preferences of those who want to have a comfortable sleep.

Relax Room welcomes those who want to enjoy in a private relaxation room after the massage, sauna, and hammam. In the Relax Room, which is a special room where hot and cold drinks are served, guests can spend their time as they wish. 

Fitness Service for Those Who Cannot Give UpSports

AkkaAntedon, which does not forget its guests who have made sports a lifestyle, provides all the necessary conditions for a healthy life with its fully-equipped fitness center. The center, which provides state-of-the-art fitness equipment also offers an opportunity for those who want to be in shape to do sports opposite the unique Mediterranean view. It is very easy to stay fit and active in the fitness center, which provides every opportunity for its guests to protect their health and not interrupt their sports life during their stay. In addition, while enjoying your holiday, use the indoor pool, which is opened in all the seasons.

For more information, we welcome you to our Spa & Wellness page!