6 Benefits of Walking
  • 13.01.2021
  • HealthyLife

6 Benefits of Walking

Exercise is a must for a healthy life… But let’s face it, not everyone has the time -or willpower- to go to the gym. Which is OK, as there are a lot of alternatives for people who want to exercise but don’t want to commit to a gym yet… Walking is one of them; it is very easy to do, and it has a lot of benefits to your body and your mind. Here in this post, we will mention some of them! Here are 6 benefits of walking regularly:

1- It helps weight loss

Yes, you loose calories when you walk. It is as simple as that. Depending on these factors, you can loose more calories, which will help weight loss: • Your speed, • The distance you walk, • Your weight…

2- It strengthens the heart

Studies show that walking 5 days a week – 30 minutes a day will lower the risk of coronary heart disease. The risk will be even lower if the numbers are increased. So, if you want to strengthen your heart, walking is one of your best options.

3- Increases strength & endurance

Walking regularly will help strengthen your leg muscles. It will help toning your legs, and it will also help you increase endurance. You will see benefits, especially if you walk up a hill, or take some routes with stairs!

4- It is good for mental health

Haven’t you ever noticed after walking for half an hour you feel slightly better? That’s because walking is good for the mind as well! Studies show that walking helps people with anxiety and depression.

5- It boosts energy

As it increases oxygen flow through the body, as well as levels of hormones that help elevate energy levels, walking is an easy way to boosts the energy. So next time you feel a bit tired, try walking for like half an hour, you might feel better!

6- Helps creative thinking

A study showed that people are better at thinking of new ideas while they are walking, especially outdoors. In other words, when you need to do some deep thinking, you might think about taking a brief walk, which can help you a great deal!