Our Guests’ Favorite Activities
  • 11.06.2020
  • Akka

Our Guests’ Favorite Activities

“Perfect holiday” might mean a different thing foreverybody. Some just need to get away from everything; lay down, take a deepbreath and relax. With our refreshing nature views, lovely beach and all aroundpeaceful environment, we got those pretty much covered. But for some, perfectholiday should have a higher tempo, and include all kinds of fun activities;ranging from sports to festivals, shows, parties, and more… If you belong tothat group, we got you covered as well…

Here in Akka Antedon, our guests can enjoywatching&participating in a wide range of fun activities, some of which wewill be sharing in this post. Let’s take a quick look at our guests’ favoriteactivities in Akka Antedon…


With roots going all the way back to ancient India, Yoga isa mind and body practice that encapsulates a series of physical and mentaldisciplines. Here in Akka Antedon, you can participate in Yoga classes whichare available for all; no matter whether you are a beginner, or an experiencedpractitioner of Yoga.

Pool Games

What’s a summer holiday without some fun at the pool? Ourpool games consist of a series of fun contests you can watch or participate in;some require team-play, while for others you have to rely on personal talent!Try them once, and we guarantee that you will be hooked!

Family Fest

If you are here with your kids, do them a favor and bringthem to our famous Family Fest! Here you will find a series of creative and funactivities that you can participate in with your family. A variety ofactivities will take place, ranging from making cookies to illusionist shows,to wall paintings and more, and you and your children will have the time of yourlife…

Aqua Gym

Pool, exercise, and lots of fun… These are the keywords forour Aqua Gym activity… Using special equipment, you will get to work out insidethe swimming pool, having a ton of fun while working those muscles!

Water Polo

Another summer classic, water polo is ideal for those thatfeel a bit competitive, so they can get in the pool and show us what they got!Two teams of 7 players each will compete in a 1.60 meters deep swimming pool, asour guests watch in excitement!

Mini Football

Water polo is for adults. But we haven’t forgotten about ourlittle guests as well! In our mini football matches, children compete againsteach other in an exciting game, which is as fun for the spectating parents asit is for the children!

Shows & Parties

Our exclusive shows and parties are here to add more fun andexcitement to your evenings. Here you can watch talented performers from allaround the world, doing costume-shows, acrobatics and dance performances; andjoin concept parties and couples-only activities.

Pool Party

This one doesn’t really need that much of an explanation.Hosted once in two weeks, our pool parties mix good music, excitingperformances and interesting workshops for our guests to have some quality timeby the pool!


Would you be interested in burning calories while dancing?If you would; Zumba, another one of our favorite activities, is perfect foryou! Join our professional trainers, and have fun doing those dance moves andburning calories at the same time!

And what if we told you these are only a small portion ofour activities waiting for you here in Akka Antedon? That’s right, to discovermore, read details and make an online reservation, feel free to visit ouractivities page here!