Antalya Parks
  • 22.12.2020
  • Antalya

Antalya Parks

Parks are great places to spend some time in outdoors, especially when the weather is nice. And weather is almost always nice in Antalya and there are some great parks to spend time with the family and friends. In this post, last of our series of Antalya for first timers, we will mention some of the beautiful parks of Antalya that you should definitely visit!

Saklıkent National Park

Located between Antalya – Muğla, Saklıkent (means Hidden City) National Park is also known as Saklıkent Canyon. The canyon is formed by the Eşen river, that draws the border between Antalya and Muğla, other popular summer destination in Turkey. Declared as a national park in 1992, it is a great place to enjoy nature and take some cool photographs!

Falez Park

Falez Park is an ideal destination if you want to get away from the city and run, jog or take a bicycle ride when the weather is lovely. It has a relaxing atmosphere, has beautiful cafes and it is also a very nice spot to make a picnic.

Atatürk Park

One of the largest parks of Antalya, Atatürk Park is another beautiful spot to walk, run, or take a bike ride. It has a number of cafes and restaurants. It has a magnificent view, so if you want to have breakfast somewhere near the sea, Atatürk Park is one of your best bets!

Beydağları Coastal National Park

Located southwest of Antalya, Beydağları Coastal National Park starts from Sarısu and reaches out all the way to Cape Gelidonya, across the Kemer – Kumruca shoreline. The ancient settlements Olympus, Phaselis and Idyros are located here, which makes it particularly interesting for those who would like to explore the city’s history. It is also an ideal place for activities such as sea sports, camping, picnic, trekking, mountain climbing and paragliding.

Köprülü Canyon National Park

400 meters deep in some places, Köprülü Canyon National Park is another great option for those who love outdoors. Continuing 14 km along with the Kopru River, it is a perfect place for outdoor activities. It is also one of the most popular areas for water sports, not just in Antalya, but in Turkey.