10 Destinations to take amazing photos in Istanbul
  • 02.07.2020
  • İstanbul

10 Destinations to take amazing photos in Istanbul

Photographs are the best way to immortalize the cities that were visited. Especially nowadays under the influence of social media one of the important parts of the holidays is based on sharing the photos you interpret with your own perspective. One of the favorite stops for tourists is Istanbul as it has many beautiful views that attract the attention of visitors with its architecture, nature, Bosphorus and silhouettes. In this article we have complied for you 10 destinations to be photographed in Istanbul, which attract attention with their geographical structure and architecture.

1-Ataturk Arboretum

Ataturk Arboretum is a natural wonder that preserves its beauty during four seasons in a big metropolis like Istanbul. Arboretum was established on the Kilyos road in 1949 and it hosts 2000 different plant varieties. Ataturk Arboretum, which we can be defined as both a museum and a park, is also important for scientific studies. It was established in cooperation with Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry and General Directorate of Forestry to provide an environment for researches and investigations. Ataturk Arboretum, which creates a great background for photographs with its rich vegetation and ponds, is a place you should definitely see to photograph the natural beauties of the city.

2-Sultanahmet Square

Sultanahmet Square, the most touristic place in Istanbul, is one of the most photographed areas with wide walking areas, museums, historical buildings and columns. There are many places to take photos in Sultanahmet Square such as Hippodrome and Horse Square. In the square which is dating back to the Romans, you can take photos in front of Hagia Sophia, which has both church and mosque features, or you can use the unique architecture of the Blue Mosque in your photos. 

3-Yildiz Park

Yıldız Park, located between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy, one of the most vibrant spots of the city, was established on an area of 46 hectares. This park, which dates back to 1600s, is perfect for those who want to be in touch with nature without leaving the city. While walking on the hiking trails, you can enjoy the green and streams and capture the perfect frames on the suspension bridges and waterfalls. You can frame not only the natural beauties of the park, but also the architectural beauties of Malta Mansion and Tent Pavilion.


Touring the Bosphorus, which separates Istanbul from all other cities, is one of the activities that is loved not only by tourists but also by locals. You can enjoy the city and use many opportunities to take photos by taking a walk on Bebek Beach, one of the most enjoyable routes at the Bosphorus. You can continue the walk that you started from Bebek Beach, at Arnavutköy Beach, located in the south of Bebek. Especially, pastel tones houses lined up on the coast of Arnavutköy allow you to take colorful photos. We recommend you to see these historical buildings overlooking the Bosphorus if you come to Istanbul.


Balat is among the first places visited in Istanbul. In the photos of many tourists who have come to the city before, you can come across the famous bay windows of Balat. The Çorbacı Çeşmesi Slope, known as the stairs slope, is one of the most colorful streets of Balat with the colorful houses of the neighborhood. These houses, which have been restored as part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage project, attract the attention of all domestic and foreign tourists. Apart from pastel colored bay windows, Balat also has many historical buildings, antiques and vintage shops that can be photographed.


One of the primary routes of those who want to take photos in Istanbul is Islands. Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kınalıada, which are situated opposite the Maltepe and Kartal districts on the Anatolian side, are ideal for outdoor shooting. Especially Büyükada is a place where beautiful squares await you in every corner with its streets decorated with colorful flowers, mansions, sea and Istanbul view.

7-Grand Bazaar

Another popular stop for tourists is Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar, the largest bazaar in the world and one of the oldest covered bazaars, is one of the destinations that tourists choose both for taking photos and shopping. Grand Bazaar, the foundations of which were laid in 1491 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet it visited so much that it is known to be reached by half a million people during its peak time during the day. In Grand Bazaar, which welcomes 91 million tourists per year, you can take quite colorful images of mosaic lamps in the background, and you can visit carpet makers for authentic frames.

8-Salt Galata

Salt Galata located in Karakoy district of Beyoglu, was built by French architect Alexandre Vallaury in 1892 and it was the first bank of the Ottoman Empire named Bank-ı Osmani-i Şahane. Today, it continues to exist as a culture and art venue with its library, exhibition areas and film screenings. You will take great photos in Salt Galata, which has a dual identity in terms of architecture with its neoclassical and orientalist features of the building. If you want to highlight the architectural structure of the city with your photos, we recommend you to visit Salt Galata.

9-Galata Tower

Galata Tower is one of the most important symbols of the city. It is a very important structure where everyone's way falls. It is one of the oldest towers in the world and it was built in 528 by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius. The view of the Galata Tower, which is a very important part of Istanbul's skyline, both from the opposite side and the streets of Beyoğlu is the center of attention for photographers. When you go up to the tower, expect a view of Istanbul that you will not see anywhere else. If you want to watch the Bosphorus from the highest part of the city, you can visit Galata Tower, which is the favorite one for tourists, and see it with your own eyes.

10-Flower Passage

The history of the famous Flower Passage located in Beyoglu dates back to the 1870s. During the Tanzimat period, Naum Theater, where Sultan Abdulhamid and Sultan Abdulaziz came to watch theater, was destroyed as a result of the big Beyoglu fire. Later, this plot was purchased by Hristaki Zografos Efendi and reorganized by Italian architect Cleanthy Zanno in the style of Paris, which was fashionable that days. Flower Passage, one of the most magnificent buildings of Beyoğlu, attracts many local and foreign tourists. The passage leading to Istiklal Avenue is one of the important passages of Istanbul with its architecture and history. With its architectural structure, it inspires many photographs, as well as having fun in its restaurants and taverns.