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Here in our hotel, located on the hillside of Beydağları, we have an exclusive villa concept to welcome those who would like to experience a luxurious holiday.

In our villas called Ruby and Sapphire, designed specially for you, we paid attention to every little detail to create an unforgettable holiday experience for you and your family. A great natura view, a garden, swimming pool, luxurious furniture and more… Once you are here, all you have to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy a privileged vacation with your family…

A Brief Antalya Guide for First Timers: Antalya Beaches

A favorite of travelers around the globe, Antalya haseverything you expect from a memorable summer vacation- a beautiful nature,lots of museums and historical places, a lively nightlife, and, of course, thesubject of our first post of the series, beautiful beaches. Here are some of the most popular beaches in Antalya, thatevery first comer should check out...

Certain Privileges


From the moment you step into our Residance villas, you will find yourself in an environment that combines the comfort of your home with the luxury of a holiday resort, where every detail is considered for your comfort.

A Feast Of Taste

Akka Residence guests can order from their villas anytime they wish. Also, they can enjoy a variety of concept restaurants with a wide range of menus including delicious local/international dishes.

à la Carte Restaurants

Tailor Made Service For Maximum Comfort

Here in residence, we aim to make everything as convenient and comfortable as possible. Our services include:

Let us call you

Resıdence's Kıds

While you enjoy your privileged holiday, your children will be having fun time with lots of creative activities in our Mini Club, and socialize with kids their age from around the world!

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Comfort and Aesthetics are Combined…

In your villas that perfectly combine comfort with aesthetics; you will be having a unique holiday experience…

Villa Ruby


Otelpuan Award

Selected by our distinguished guests, we are proud to be awarded as one of the 100 Best Liked Hotels in Türkiye. Heartfelt Thanks To All ...

Don't Give Up Your Vacation, Change Dates!

To our guests who wish to make changes to their reservations done either individually or through an agency, any penal conditions will not be applied. Our guests will be able to renew their reservations according to the price conditions of the date they want to make changes.

More Hygiene Everyday - Learn about our measures for your health and safety.

More HygieneWe would like to share with you that additional precautions are taken and arrangements made for a healthy, hygienic, and safe stay with us in the Akka Hotels Health and Safety 2020.

Akka Hotels Health and Safety 2020

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