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We want to help our little guests to reveal their talents in an original, creative, safe, loving and stimulating environment. We prepare activity programmes under the guidance of expert trainers to contribute to their self-development and make the fun time they spend in our hotel as beneficial as possible. While offering them the opportunity to spend quality time, we also aim to provide them with new experiences by enabling them to mingle with their peers from different cultures. Above all, we aim to create a full holiday experience that they will always remember with good memories.

Family Special
Under the supervision of our expert team, fun-filled moments await our little guests in the indoor and outdoor playgrounds, within the programs designed in accordance with children's health. Here, your children will socialize with each other, have fun and learn new things that will contribute to their development.

While your children are having fun, you will be able to observe them from your room at any time during their stay at the Mini Club with the camera system that is open 24 hours a day.
Mini Club Facilities
AKKA Alinda Mini Club, which offers programmes designed in accordance with children's health under the supervision of our professional team, serves on a total area of 356 m², 168 m² indoor and 188 m² outdoor. In our club, carefully selected programmes are implemented for our little guests in indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

In our club, children have a fun and educational holiday experience independent from their families. Mini Club staff do not allow children to leave the club without the permission of their families and always keep the entrances and exits under control.

*Children between the ages of 0-4 can participate in the activities accompanied by their parents.