5 Tips for First Time Campers
  • 13.01.2021
  • HealthyLife

5 Tips for First Time Campers

Camping is a lot of fun; especially if you like nature and outdoor activities. But for first timers, it can be a bit challenging too. In this blog post, we will share with you some tips that will be quite useful if you are new to camping. Here are our top tips for first time campers:

1- Go with an experienced camper

No matter how prepared you are, there are lots of things that might give you a hard time during your first camping trip. And including at least one experienced camper will be much better in this sense, as they will know what to do in tricky situations, as well as moments of crisis. You will also be able to learn a great deal from them.

2- Get familiar with camping equipment

Camping equipment are crucial for your trip. They will help you overcome hardship and be more comfortable in a foreign environment. If you have a garden, you can even practice camping with setting up a tent and spending a night outside.

3- Wear suitable clothing

First of all, no one cares about fashion when you are in nature camping; and you shouldn’t either. While choosing the clothes you will wear; put weather conditions, practicality and comfort at the first place. Try to go with waterproof, breathable material.

4- Get a big tent

If you haven’t already purchased a tent, we recommend a big one- for example if you are going to be 2 persons, get a tent for 3; for a more comfortable experience. If this is your first camping trip, you are probably not used to limited spaces; so, the bigger, the better.

5- Don’t forget to check the weather

When camping, you need as little surprises as possible. And bad weather can be a quite unpleasant surprise! So, don’t forget to check the weather report -from more than one source, if possible- and pack accordingly.