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Hamam Care

-Kese Scrub - Foam Massage
-Hammam Sultan Massage


Far East Massage

-Balinese Massage
-Jimbaran Massage
-Shiatsu Massage
-Thai Massage
-Thai Herbal Massage
-Thai Reflexologie


Therapy Massage

-Classical Massage
-Relax Massage
-Lymph Drainage Massage
-Anti-stress Massage
-Pregnancy Massage
-Sports Massage
-Deep Tissue Massage


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Our fitness center, designed especially for our guests who care about their physical health, aims to help our guests to start their day energetic with technological and equipped gymnastic equipment.

Hammam (Turkish Bath)

Guests who want to try the relaxing massages on the traditional stone platform in a Turkish Bath can benefit from our hammam service. During your holiday in our hotel, you can enjoy the Turkish Bath experience that date from past to present.

Relax Room

After the hammam (Turkish bath), sauna and steam bath, guests can relax in the relax room with cold and hot drinks.


Our guests can make a steam bath in the saunas, also known as the Finnish steam baths, and refresh their skin by eliminating toxins.

• The most important stage in traditional Turkish bath ritual is the kese scrub application. With the kese scrub applied to your body, which is sweating because of the temperature of the bath and the belly stone, the dirt and toxin agents accumulated in the skin's pores are removed from the body. With the opening of the pores, your skin relaxes and becomes smooth. Then applied foam massage is a relaxing massage applied during the body is covered with foam.

• The Hammam Sultan Massage treatment is based on the implementation of the traditional hammam massage by two massage therapists. After the kese scrub made at the temperature of the belly stone and the hammam, you will get rid of your tiredness and invigorated with the massage.

Türk hamamında peeling ve köpük masajı Özel bay-do masajı Kil yüz maskesi Sıcak soğuk içecek servisi

Türk hamamında peeling ve köpük masajı Klasik isveç usulu masaj Kil yüz maskesi Sıcak soğuk içecek servisi

Türk hamamında peeling ve köpük masajı 4 El sultan masajı Kil yüz maskesi Sıcak soğuk içecek servisi

Türk hamamında peeling ve köpük masajı Deep tissue masajı Kil yüz maskesi Sıcak soğuk içecek servisi

Türk hamamında kahve peeling ve köpük masajı Geleneksel bali masajı Kil yüz maskesi Sıcak soğuk içecek servisi

• The Balinese massage is practiced by therapists who are specially brought from Bali, Indonesia. In parallel to the classic Swedish massage, it is a soothing and relaxing massage where pressure or relax manipulations are applied according to need. After the Balinese Massage, it is aimed that the person is fully rested, relaxed and renewed.

• The Jimbaran Massage is the combined application of the massage technique used in the Balinese massage by two therapists. Massage is applied with four hands. After Jimbaran Massage, you will feel a deep relief.

• Based on the acupuncture method, Shiatsu Massage is a massage applied to acupressure points with various pressure techniques in order to benefit from its relaxing and healing effects.

• The Thai Massage, using traditional Far Eastern massage techniques, is a massage that involves applications consisting of stretching, tensioning and compression movements with 60 different methods in the massage bed identified with Thailand. In the massage, it is aimed to increase the body flexibility and to open and balance the energy channels thought to exist in the body.

• Special bags containing all natural plant leaves and roots are moistened with hot steam and applied to the body. The aim is to benefit from the therapeutic and relaxing properties of the plants. You will feel completely rested and relaxed after the massage.

• Thai Reflexologie is based on based acupuncture method. It is a therapy method based on stimulation of the relevant organ with the help of neurons, by transmitting the electrochemical messages revealed by stimulating the reflex points present on the hands and feet. The feet where the nerve endings are present in large numbers are preferred in this application. It affects blood circulation and all organs.

• Classical massage is an application directed at your physical and spiritual relaxation. Meanwhile, you may consult your therapist with your muscle and joint problems during the massage.

• Relax massage includes applications in which the classical massage manipulations are applied at a low tempo for 1 hour or more. The aim is for the guest to feel regenerated and refreshed after the massage.

• Lymph drainage massage organizes the lymph system, thus speeds up the return to normal of the lymphatic flow and the reduction of the fluid retention in the body. It is a type of massage with curative characteristics, where positive results have weight loss treatments.

• Anti-stress massage lasting about 1 hour is done to relieve and rest the body with aromatic oils. The applications in the massage are slow and deep.

• This is a type of massage applied by expert therapists, directed at reducing the water retention and eliminating the back pain which occur during pregnancy and continue in the postpartum period.

• This is a massage that can be applied both before and after sports. It can be directed both at relaxing the tired muscles after sporting activity or preparing the muscles for activity prior to sporting activity.

• This is a type of massage where deep pressure at a low tempo is applied on the muscles and connective tissue which are located deep within the body, in discomforts such as chronic pain, restrictions in the capability to move, postural problems, chronic muscle strains and fibromyalgia.