Winter Activities


Goynuk (Göynük) Canyon, one of the most popular places of Kemer; with its gorgeous nature, trees, waterfalls and natural pools, it is a great place especially for those who like to be intertwined with nature and like sports such as trekking. Goynuk Canyon is 9 km away from our facility and transportation is carried out with the vehicles provided by our facility for our guests. You can take a day trip to Göynük Canyon, which is approximately 4,5 kilometres long, you can enjoy hiking and trekking, and see the natural beauty of the region. *Participation is limited to 8 people. *The activity will be held twice a week.

Master Chef

This is the activity where we teach our guests the recipes of delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. The meal to be cooked on that day is determined by our chef, ingredients are prepared and our guests are taught the cooking phase and then they will make these meals. At the end of the activity, each guest learns to make a Turkish meal, and eats the food he or she prepared with real pleasure.

Cocktail Course

In this activity, our guests learn to make cocktails. The cocktail to be made that day is determined by the bartender and the cocktail table is prepared. With the arrival of the guests, the bartender shows the making phase of the determined cocktail. Later on, our guests are asked to repeat these stages. Each guest tastes the cocktail he or she made and learns to make a cocktail at the end of the day.


It is an enjoyable activity where we teach our guests how to catch a fish. On a determined day each week, all the necessary fishing equipment is collected and all participants are gathered at the beach of our hotel, and our guests spend a pleasant time fishing together.