Entertainment & Sports

Pro-fit Club


Although it is very tempting to fall into the lust of the summer holiday, get yourself on a sunbed by the sea and lie for hours and hours, you should continue your physical activities for a healthy life. At Antedon Pro-Fit Club; you can keep your body and mind fit, maintain your weight while you spend a good time thanks to the extremely fun and useful activities that you can do with expert instructors!

Show & Parties

You can enjoy the most of the summer nights with parties, dance and music. Be prepared to spend one of the most entertaining summer of your life at Antedon Hotel, with talented dance groups from all over the world, special events for couples, concept parties and even much more!


Imagine that everywhere integrates with vibrant, luminous colours and decors, and find yourself dancing with the influence of exciting music in such an ambiance. Neon Party is that! You will never get tired of dance and music in this party held every other week!


The show group Fairytale, which has an international staff, has a combined dance performance accompanied by a story told in the background video.


Based on a popular family play performed in Ukraine, Madrigal is a theatre show rich in visuals, that will attract both children and adults.


Carte Balance, a team of mostly Ukrainian dancers, will take your breath away with its exciting show that brings together live music, dance and acrobatics!


Fantasia Acrobasy is a Russian dance ensemble. The group, which has performed in many parts of the world, has spent the last 2 years as a show group on big cruise ships. Don't miss out on this unique show which is a blend of circus and dance!


Watch our lady guests compete for the crown! In Queen of Antedon, ladies compete in 4 challenging and fun games to become the Queen of our hotel!


Hünkar is a work or art that brings Turkey’s history to the stage charismatically with its costumes, music and decors, as well as include dance performances that you can't get enough to watch.


As fun to watch as to participate, King of Antedon is a contest consisting of 4 different games, in which our male guests compete against each other to hold the title of the King of Antedon Hotel!


Angel Circus is a modern dance group of with women members. While you watch the Angel Circus show, where dazzling dance figures meet with acrobatic moves, you won't realize how time went by!


Red Dance is a dance group consisting mainly of Ukrainian dancers, and combines acrobatics and modern dance in their shows. With their carefully selected costumes, the eye-catching group offers a fascinating visual feast for the audience.


In Turkish Night, Turkish dancers will perform a variety of dances from different regions of Turkey, introducing the audience to the country’s unique culture through authentic costumes, music, and dance!


With its talented dancers coming from all over the world, Ted Extreme offers audiences a dazzling dance show that blends acrobatics and dance perfectly, and is consistent with its upbeat pace.


Imagine yourself dancing on a pier in Mediterranean, with a stimulating music in the background. If that sounds good, join us at the Pier Party, hosted once in every two weeks, with talented dancer girls and groovy music, for an exciting night!

Grande Circus

Grande Circus is a performance group with talented acrobats and dancers who have performed all around the world. The show, standing out with its colorful costumes and decoration, promises a highly exciting spectacle!

Family Fest

Held only twice each season, Family Fest is a wonderful opportunity for our guests to spend some creative and fun time with their children!

What’s in it? Themed face painting, hand-printed and brushed art wall work, cookie-making in chef’s outfits, garden-themed planting activity, festival-specific t-shirt painting, mascots, acrobatic shows, magician - balloon shows and more… Join our festival with your children, and add some unforgettable memories to your holiday!

Winter Season Activities

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While many people think of summer when holiday pops up in their mind, some may know that the enjoyment of the winter holidays are different and irreplaceable. Here at Antedon Hotel, we have prepared a lot of fun activities to enable our guests who are aware of this fact experience a pleasant winter holiday. Are you ready for an unforgettable winter holiday in Antedon, where everyone can find a suitable activity?(Each activity is carried out once a week):

Sport Activities

With the arrival of the summer; in addition to the long-awaited sea, sand and sun trio, numerous activities that can be done outdoors are coming to the forefront. At the Antedon Hotel, we invite you and your family to enjoy the summer with summer season entertainment and sports activities that appeal to people of all ages!


Dart, which is a game of England origin, was a special activity for archers at first, but in time, it spread to wider masses and today it has become a popular game many people play in different environments. This simple but entertaining game, in which specially designed small arrows are thrown into separated areas on a round board, attracts the interest of people of all ages.


The game is played with 2 or more teams. It is played by throwing different striped balls in the teams to a small ball located at the specified distance. In the game, which is played by the scoring method, the teams that can throw their balls to the small ball at the nearest distance win.


It is a volleyball game that is played on the beach and where two teams of the six people compete. Sets include 25 scores and each match includes 3 sets. Beach volleyball is a popular game that requires speed, power, reflex, and technique, which can be quite exciting, especially because of its competitive nature.


This is a game in which a target is shot from a pre-determined distance with an air rifle, it can be played individually or as a team. The winner is determined after the scoring of the shots on the target paper.

Water Polo

The water polo is played in a 20x30 meter pool, with a total of 7 players as 6 field players and 1 goalie. The goal in the game is to push the ball into the opponent's goalpost. The depth of the pool for this game is 1.60 cm.

Pool Party

This poolside party organized once in two weeks includes many activities that will attract the interest of guests of all ages. We recommend you not to miss this fun party where rich decor decorations, impressive shows and various workshops are gathered with music!

Olympic Games

Antedon Olympic Games are competitions that are held once in two weeks, consist of 7 games played in teams. It is a very cheerful organization where the importance of being a team come to light and entertaining games are played accompanied by a lot of laughter.

Mini Football

In mini football matches, teams of 7 players compete against each other on 2X8 minute mini games. If you like footbal, don’t miss this extremely fun and highly competitive activity!

Pool Games

Played in the main pool with the participation of our animation team, pool games consist of fun activities&challenges that require talent and teamwork. With a new game played each day, these activities are as fun to watch as to engage!