Beverage Fridge & Mini Bar

Beverage Fridge

Near the pool and the beach, special cold drink fridges are available to serve you soft drinks, ayran, water, soda, flavored soda and fruit juice in tetra packs!

• Fridges are open between 09:00 – 18:00
• Pictured products may change in brand, size, colour, etc.
• Closed between October – April

Mini Bar
If you feel like having a cold drink, you don’t have to leave your room!
• Minibar refills are done daily between 09:00-16:00
• Between April – November, minibar contains; 450ml bottled Coke(1 piece ) , 450ml bottled Fanta(1 piece ), 1,50 lt water(1 piece) , 1 mineal water(1 piece ) , Tetra Pak fruit juice(2 pieces) and 33cl beer(1 piece canned)
• Between November – April, minibar contains; 450ml bottled Coke(2 piece ), 450ml bottled Fanta(1 piece ), 450ml bottled Sprite (1 piece ) 1,50 lt water(1 piece)
• Water boiler and tea set-up are available only in Comfort Room concepts.

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