Winter Activities

Trekking (Tuesday- Thursday- Saturday 10:30)

The trekking here starts at the mountains of Kemer/Kiris (Kemer/Kiriş) and it covers two specific routes. The first is Sakli Koy, which is 3 km away and the second is Bayrakli Tepe, which is a 6 km track.

Note: Both routes have tremendous natural beauty, so don't forget to take your camera with you!

**This activity does not take place during the period 01.11.2021-31.03.2022 due to forest fires.

Master Chef (Wednesday - 16:00)

In Master Chef program, we teach our guests how to cook some of the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. Each week, our hotel chef decides on a dish, the ingredients are prepared and the guests are walked through step by step, on how to prepare the dish. At the end, you will have learned how to make an authentic Turkish dish!

Fishing (Thursday - 16:00)

In this fun activity, we teach our guests how to fish. One day each week, after getting the necessary equipment, we meet with our guests on the beach and start having entertaining time fishing and socializing.

Cocktail (Friday - 16:00)

In this activity, we teach our guests how to make cocktails. Our bartender decides on the cocktail to be prepared every week. After the guests are arrived, he shows them the steps to make the cocktail, asking them to repeat after him. At the end of the day, guests will have learned how to make a cocktail, and they all taste their drinks afterwards!

Crafting (Tuesday - 16:00)

In this activity, our guests learn to make DIY style handmade products. They are taught how to work by specially trained personnel, and they can take their works with them, as a souvenir!

Turkish Lesson (Saturday - 16:00)

Turkish lessons are aimed at our foreign guests. After attending these one hour lessons, there will be a significant increase in our guests’ Turkish level!

Painting Course (Monday – 16:00)

Once a week, our guests can attend to a painting course to take lessons from our tutor. During the course, you will be making a painting based on techniques you have learned and instructions given by our tutor. At the end, you can take your painting home with you as a souvenir. Painting courses are available between November – April.

Cycling Tour (Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 10:30)

We have two cycling routes; one is Kiriş freeway (5 km), and the other is Kemer/Kiriş, a mountain track of 10 km. Both routes have magnificent nature views, so we strongly advise you to take your cameras with you! Cycling tour is available between November – April.