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Summer holiday shouldn’t be all about lying down on the beach under the sun. To stay healthy and fit, one must stay active. And what better way to stay active than engaging in a string of fun activities that will keep your body fit? Join us at Pro-Fit Club activities to make the most of your vacation!

Show & Parties

You need party, dance and music to enjoy summer nights; and here in Alinda, we have all three, and more! Discover the talented dancers and acrobats from around the world, gathered here to present you a variety of concept shows that will leave you awe-inspired!

Here are our shows and parties:

Neon Party

Think of the whole place as being integrated with phosphorous, sparkling and decorations and find yourself dancing with the effect of music in that area.


If you're interested in ballroom dancing, you won't be able to catch a glimpse of the show.


It is a dance show of dancers of Colombian origin. it is a very fast dance show featuring highly organized dance figures of Latin origin.

Carte Blance

The Ukrainian dance group offers a dance feast consisting of live music, dance and acrobatics.


With an international team, the show group has a combined dance performance with the story described in front of the video display.


This dance group is a Russian national dance group and they have performed in many parts of the world and completed the last 2 years as a performance group on large cruise ships. Their performance is a show where the circus and dance are combined together.


A group of dancers who present the concept of hip-hop today and offer it to the stage in a very good way .


It is the game that tells the history of turkey with costumes, music and decors, which also includes great dance performances.


The all-female dance group has a fascinating influence on its modern and acrobatic show.

RED DANCE(junior circus)

The dance group comes from Ukraine. They brought together acrobatics and modern dance. They offer a complete visual feast with carefully selected costumes.


Are you ready to go 1980 and 1990? From the moment you come to this party, you'll find yourself in the costumes , clothes, music and choreographic dances of the ' 90s. Party is making twice a week and don’t miss it.


Latin show to make you feel at the Brazilian Carnival.

Best Couple

It is an organization consisting of 5 different games with the participation of the guests and experiencing the struggle for the first place.


With an international team, Ted show is a complete dance feast that hosts both dance and ballroom dances without losing a moment of fun and speed.

Family Fest

Held only twice each season, Family Fest is a wonderful opportunity for our guests to spend some creative and fun time with their children!

What’s in it? Themed face painting, hand-printed and brushed art wall work, cookie-making in chef’s outfits, garden-themed planting activity, festival-specific t-shirt painting, mascots, acrobatic shows, magician - balloon shows and more… Join our festival with your children, and add some unforgettable memories to your holiday!

Winter Activities

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For most people, holiday means summer. But on the other hand, winter holidays have a charm of their own, which is unlike anything else. Here in Akka Alinda Hotel, we have prepared for our guests a variety of activities that will spice up their winter holiday.

Here are our winter activities, each available once a week, between November – April:

Sport Activities

Summer opens the door for a lot of outdoor activities. Here in Alinda Hotel, those who like competitive sports will find a variety of challenging and fun activities that they can enjoy! Here are our summer sports activities:


Dart is a game that has its roots in England, and it started out as an activity mainly for archers, but in time it got popular among other countries and communities as well. Today, dart is played worldwide by a lots of people, both as a social activity, and as a professional sport.


A competitive game between 2 or more teams, Boccia is played by both teams throwing striped balls to a small ball that is located within a certain distance. At the end of the game, the team with the ball nearest to the small ball wins.


A popular summer game, beachvolley is played between two teams of six people each. Sets include 25 points, and each match consists of 3 sets. Beach volleyball is a very popular and fun summer sport that requires speed, strength, fast reflexes, and technique for success!


A shooting game that can be played individually or with teams, Airgun is played by shooting to a target within a distance. If you think you have good aim, here is the opportunity to prove it!

Water Polo

Water Polo is played within a 20x30 swimming pool, with two teams of 7 players each. It is a highly competitive and fun game, in which teams try to score as many goals as they can to win.

Pool Party

Hosted once in every two weeks, our Pool Party includes a variety of entertaining activities that would interest people of all ages! Rich decorations, exciting shows, interesting workshops and groovy music… You will find all of these and more in our party!

Alinda Olympics

Alinda Olympics, hosted once in every two weeks, consist of 7 different games in which teams compete each other to win. Teamwork is quite important here, and it is as entertaining to watch, as it is to play!