Recommendations for those who are first time in Antalya: Antalya Nightlife
  • 30.06.2020
  • Akka

Recommendations for those who are first time inAntalya: Antalya Nightlife

Antalya, which has been home to many civilizations since theHellenistic period, is one of the most important cities in the Mediterraneanregion. The city with magnificent sea, untouched beaches and natural beautieswelcomes guests from all over the world every year and also attracts attentionwith its museums and ancient cities that bear the traces of thousands of yearsof historical heritage. Antalya, which has an important place in the businessworld due to the congresses and fairs it hosts as well as summer tourism, is aspecial place where you can have different experiences together.

Antalya, which is a holiday paradise with its magnificientbeaches, colorful culture, rich historical heritage and international festivals,also stands out with its nightlife. There are places for every taste inAntalya, where the dose of entertainment increases with the increasing ofnumber of visitors in summer season.  Unforgettablemoments are waiting for you in Antalya night life with the magnificent sea viewplaces in the marina and crowded clubs opened till the morning.

Featured Places ofAntalya Night Life

In Antalya there are many places which appeal to differenttastes of pleasure and entertainment…Let us list the entertainment places extremelypopular among both foreign and local tourists:

Simurg temple

Kaleiçi Region of Antalya with its different pubs and drinkingplaces is famous for hosting such colorful places besides unique nature. SimurgTemple is at the top of these places. It is a place attracts intense interestof local and foreign tourists with well-known names which appear on the stage, differentcocktails and dance performances. Simurg Temple, which provides service in itswide garden in the summer season and in its carefully decorated indoor sectionin the winter season, is among the first addresses for those who want to enjoythe nightlife of Antalya. Entertainment continues until the morning every day exceptMondays.

Soho Club Antalya

Soho Club, one of the oldest nightclubs in Antalya, drawsattention especially with its dj performances. This night club, whosereputation has crossed the borders of the country, is flooded with visitorsfrom all over the world. The place with unlimited music and entertainment isamong the biggest night clubs of the city. At Soho Club as soon as you stepinside, you will feel a different atmosphere, taste delicious cocktails, getinto the rhythm of music and have fun.

The Royal Castle Pub

The Royal Castle Pub located in Side town of Antalya attractsthe attention of young people especially with its live music performances, funactivities and concerts. The fun that overflows the streets of the Ancient Cityin summer makes Antalya nightlife unforgettable. The place, which also hostsmany famous names at its open-air stage offers its guests a nice evening withits pleasant atmosphere. The Royal Castle Pub, which has a large number ofcustomers even in the winter months when the tourist density is notexperienced, is among the most beautiful places of Antalya.

Aura Club Kemer

One the most popular entertainment places in the city isAura Club, located in Kemer town. This place with its capacity of thousands ofpeople opens the doors of a quality night life to its guests. The club, whichhosts world-famous DJs during the summer season, also attracts the attention offoreign tourists. In Aura Club Kemer, which occupies a large area, the bars arelocated in different corners so that guests can convey their requests more quickly.In this way, everyone can choose the bar closest to himself and take the drinkeasily. You should definitely visit Aura Club Kemer, one of the bestentertainment places of Antalya, with its unique dance shows and specialconcept parties.

Club Inferno

Inferno, also located in Kemer, is also one of the mostpopular night clubs in the city. The place, which stands out with its differentconcept every day of the week, attracts great attention to local and foreigntourists with its 19 bars and a capacity of 3 thousand people. The night club,which is opened since 2005, is also known for hosting world-famous dj andartists. The place, which is visited by thousands of people every year, usesstate-of-the-art sound and light systems. Offering a perfect atmosphere to itsguests, Club Inferno provides an opportunity to have fun until the sunrise withits 10 different bars.

Conclusion: AntalyaTaverns

It is notpossible to pass without mentioning the taverns, which are an important part ofTurkish entertainment culture…In addition to bars and clubs, Antalya nightlifeoffers plenty of options for tavern lovers. Bi' Büyük Meyhane, a place thathosts many taverns is one of the most preferred ones in the city. The place,which sets off with a new generation of taverns, offers its guests pleasantmoments with its modern interior design. Sandal Balık, where you can find freshand delicious fish whenever you want, is another tavern you can visit inAntalya. This place, which stands out with its peaceful atmosphere, attractsthe attention of its guests especially with its delicious appetizers andpresentations. If you want to color your Antalya evenings with a live program,you can stop at Pera Meyhanesi. You can fully experience the old tavern culturein the place where the fasil is held every evening except Monday.